Working For Jorge Cruise

In March Jorge Cruise did an online coaching program targeting Women over the age of 40 for a specialized coaching program and the response they got overwhelmed the support staff available to handle the email support for the program. Looking for a way to help supplement their support staff, I was called by Jorge Cruise and asked to join the support staff for the course of the program as someone who’s had a lot of success with the Belly Fat Cure program and would be able to help handle the flow of emails from the clients who joined the program.

In a way the experience was like a hyper version of my own “Ask Ryan” page for Belly Fat Cure questions here on my own blog. I was helping several ladies with their questions regarding the Belly Fat Cure program and got some very interesting questions that I had to research to be able to answer them. Some questions were easy ones to answer and others were a bit more of a challenge. As a result of the experience I’ve developed a whole new level of appreciation for Kim, who was the support person when I originally went through the program and she fielded all the questions from me and the other members of the group I was a part of. Here I was a colleague for Kim and helping get those questions sent in answered as quickly as possible.

It was a great experience to see all the various questions I got asked and I am truly grateful to all my readers her on my blog who have submitted questions in regards to the Belly Fat Cure as it’s been an honor to be in position where I could help get those questions answered. The experience was also a great opportunity to see the various challenges people have had with the program and it gave great insight into see how others view the same material as I have been able to view and draw different conclusions to how things should work. It was a valuable experience and I appreciate that Jorge Cruise sought me out and felt I understood his program well enough to be asked to help his new clients learn to lose weight using the Belly Fat Cure.

As a disclaimer I need to add that the photo here is from July when I had completed the first ten weeks on the Belly Fat Cure. I’ve lost even more weight since then.



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