Warner Bros. Fails To Deliver In Online Purchase

Warner Bros LogoWarner Bros., normally the producer of great entertainment in everything from movies to music releases, has royally annoyed me when I elected to purchase the CHESS IN CONCERT Deluxe Edition, available exclusively from them at Chess.WarnerBrosRecords.com. Warner Bros. is also selling the sets through the stores on official webpages for both Josh Groban and Idina Menzel (both are powered by WarnerBrosRecords.com). The exclusive version of the “Chess In Concert” set in addition to packaging together the 2-CD version of the recording with the DVD version of the show in a special package and includes as bonuses sheet music for the songs “Anthem” and “I Know Him So Well” and the deluxe set is limited to 3,000 copies world wide.

As the set was not originally scheduled to be released until June 30th, well after the June 16th release date of the standard versions, Warner Bros. also is including as part of the package, the ability to download the 2 CDs digitally on the June 16th release date. However, just prior to the 16th, the release date for the deluxe package has been shifted to July 21st, with Warner Bros claiming that the materials won’t be fully ready to meet the original release date.

I decided to order the set on the 15th because I thought it would be nice to add the deluxe edition to my collection. I own several versions of CHESS and this seemed like a nice addition. I was looking forward to the opportunity to download the songs on the 16th since my order with Amazon.com for the standard versions wouldn’t be arriving until June 17th. Well late into the evening on the 15th I saw reports on the ABBA mailing list I’m on from others who had ordered the deluxe set had just finished downloading their copies of the set from Warner Bros., but yet I haven’t seen any e-mails other than the receipt for my purchase.

Well I still had no e-mail from Warner Bros. by the time I got home from work at 10 am, so I sent an e-mail to their customer service e-mail address that was listed in the receipt I got with my purchase. I hadn’t received a response by the 3 pm, so I decided to call the customer service number since they would be closing in another hour and the woman who assisted me was absolutely no help. The best she could do was confirm I had made the purchase and the best she could come up with is that I should wait a day or two for my link to arrive. By now, the website that I had purchased from had now changed the wording on the downloads to be “instantly available” with purchase instead of the pre-order as it was when I purchased. And yet, I still haven’t gotten my download link.

I sent off a second e-mail to Warner Bros. before the day was done, but here it is 3 days following when I made the purchase and I still haven’t gotten my download link, and I still haven’t gotten an e-mail response from them. I’m most annoyed with them. Even though I now have both the CDs and DVDs from Amazon and can make my own MP3s, I am still angry at Warner Bros. for their failure to deliver. As it is currently well past their closing hour, I’m not going to see a response from them today, so it will be at least 4 days following my order before I hear from them.

So now I am posting a blog post sharing what a lousy company I think Warner Bros. is. I am also drafting a strongly worded complaint letter that I will be e-mailing to them soon, and should I not get a timely response to that, I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well. It’s ridiculous in this day and age, companies can’t honor their promises and then ignore their customers when they contact them to try and correct the mistakes.

Shame on Warner Bros.! I don’t recommend making any purchases from WarnerBrosRecords.com. Also avoid the webstores at JoshGroban.com and IdinaMenzel.com. If you want to get CHESS IN CONCERT, I recommend Amazon, at least they deliver and ship when promised. Click here to get CHESS IN CONCERT from Amazon.com.



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