Unexpectedly Saw Up In The Air

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend Vito Grandolfo to invite me to join him and a couple other friends to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie followed by a run to Five Guys Burgers. That sounded like a good idea so I headed my way down to the theaters everyone was meeting at.

By the time I got there, it was just a few minutes before showtime but I discovered that the Sherlock Holmes showtime was sold out, so the group decided to go see Up In The Air instead and to save time they went ahead and got my ticket ahead of time. I had never heard of the movie nor had I had no clue who was in it, but what the hell, it sounded like fun being spontaneous.

Turns out the movie stars George Clooney and is about his role as a traveling job terminator. Probably something that hits a little too close to home in this economy with George playing a guy that is brought in to terminate employees for bosses who in the words of the movie are “too much of a pussy” to fire their own employees. The premise is the next generation of traveling job terminators wants to bring the operations back in house and conducted over the Internet. George Clooney’s character has to train the young lady on the nuances of the firing people and while adversaries initially, become respectful of one another. It has a few surprises along the way.

I quite enjoyed the movie. I had no expectations for it, especially since I didn’t even know it existed until the ticket was put into my hand and we rushed into the theater to watch it. I’m not sure if it would ever have been a movie I would have gone to see in theaters had I known what it was about, but sometimes its just best to go with the flow and it actually ended up being quite an enjoyable movie. And I was also with a great group of friends, you can’t ask for more than that.

After the movie, all five of us piled into our friend, Dan Baggett’s Prius to head over to the Naval Air Station where San Diego’s only Five Guy’s burger location is. We all had some amazingly good burgers and then headed back to the mall to collect our respective cars. It was a great end to a day of unexpected plans.



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  1. Hi Holly,

    The nutritional information chart for Five Guys Burgers can be found by clicking here. Here’ in order to be Belly Fat Cure compliant, not eating the bun is going to be a requirement. Five guys shreds their lettuce so getting the burger lettuce wrapped isn’t going to be an option, so best to just order the burger and toss the bun once you get the burger. And depending on whether you order the burger with cheese and/or bacon, you just read the appropriate line on the chart and not worry about the cheese and/or bacon once you get down to the toppings menu.

    As I had my burger decked out, I went for the plain Hamburger (no cheese or bacon)
    The S/C value is 8/2 with the bun. (Don’t eat the bun, and it drops down to 0/0 as it’s just the beef.
    The toppings I added to the burger were Onions (1/0), lettuce (0/0), tomatoes (2/0), mayonnaise (0/0). mustard (0/0), and pickles (0/0).
    So by not having the bun (using a knife & fork to cut the burger patties & toppings) the S/C value is 3/0 so far.
    I added on an order of fries. According to their chart a small fries is an S/C of 2/4, but it’s actually 2 servings.
    So I just add a 1/2 for half the order of fries and the whole meal was a 4/2 on the S/C value chart.

    What I was throwing out was the bun and the other half of the fries which would account for another 9/4 if I were to eat those too. That would have been a whopping 13/6 if I ate the whole thing. It would be a whole day on the Belly Fat Cure rolled into one meal. And that’s without even putting any ketchup on the burger or the fries. See it could have been so easy to be bad, but with a little practice, even bad meals can be made Belly Fat Cure compliant.


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