Trying The Which Wich? In Santa Ana

Which Wich? Santa AnaSince originally being introduced to Which Wich? sandwich shops by Brian Hill, I’ve also become a fan of the shops and have recently made a point to try out all three of the Which Wich? locations here in San Diego. And since there’s just one additional location in California at the present time, I thought I might as well check it out too, since I’d be in the area to visit Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland for my birthday.

As I wrapped up my afternoon at Knott’s Berry Farm, I punched in Which Wich? into the Google Maps on my iPhone and it pulled up the Santa Ana location and I used the directions feature to tell me how to get there from Knott’s Berry Farm. It was just a short little drive down the Interstate 5, past Disneyland, and once I found the right highway exit, just a couple of miles to the East of the highway.

I got there in no time at all and despite the relative emptiness of the shopping center in general, the Which Wich? location was actually busy. There were a couple of people waiting for sandwiches to be made, one at the register, and a couple filling out bags for their orders and a number of people at the various tables in the shop. There even was a California Highway Patrol officer enjoying a sandwich in there at the time.

In an unusual move for me, I elected to get my sandwich to go. Normally I like to enjoy my Which Wich? sandwiches hot and fresh in the store since they’re so far from where I live, but tonight the Which Wich was reasonably close to the hotel I had booked through so I elected to take it with me to the hotel as the hotel I was booked at have kitchenettes.

I had them punch a hole in my new Which Wich? Frequent Diner punch card. I had just completed and redeemed my last punch card on my last visit to Which Wich, so this would be new punch. I was interested to see which shape they had for the Santa Ana location as you’re going to get either a heart, star, or shamrock shaped punch hole if you visit the Hillcrest, Carlsbad, and Pacific Beach locations respectively in San Diego. The Santa Ana punch is a W shape, so I’m sure I’ll get asked at the San Diego locations where that one came from as they’ve all seem to have noticed the punches not from their own stores.

So for the time being I’ve officially visited every Which Wich? location in California. Not sure if I’m the first, but most likely one of the few who’ve been to all four locations now. Be sure to check out to see if there’s a location in your area and try them out.



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