Trying The New Dr. Zevia Flavor

One of my favorite things of 2009, was discovering Zevia’s all natural sodas when I was introduced to the Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. I’ve been a big fan of Zevia since my very first purchase. Their sodas are all natural, and naturally sugar free, and calorie free. They are sweetened by Stevia, a South American plant who’s name means “sweet leaf” and Erythritol, a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in plants.

At the time I first started trying Zevia, they only had four flavors, Cola (similar to Coca-Cola or Pepsi), Natural Twist (a lemon-lime soda similar to 7-Up or Sprite), Root Beer (similar to A&W), and Orange (similar to Fanta). Soon after they introduced two new flavors, Ginger Ale (similar to Canada Dry) and Black Cherry (similar to a Cherry 7-Up). And now they’ve introduced a new flavor called, Dr. Zevia, which naturally is similar to Dr. Pepper.

It was quite a while following the introduction of the Ginger Ale and Black Cherry Zevia flavors before I ever found them in the stores, so this time I ordered a couple of cases of the new Dr. Zevia directly from Zevia. Fortunately they were offering a great discount at the time which dropped the price of shipping for the two cases down to just a couple of bucks over top the price of the cases. And after a couple of weeks of waiting for the order to ship and for FedEx Ground Service to deliver it, the Dr. Zevia had finally arrived.

Fortunately the cold and wet weather we’ve been having lately pretty much made sure the cans were chilled in the hands of FedEx so I didn’t have to wait to put the first can in the refrigerator to chill it before trying it. I cracked open one and poured some for my roommate to try as well and sure enough, we both agreed it was very Dr. Pepper like. Zevia has made a healthy version of one of my favorite soda flavors from back in the day when I didn’t know how bad sugar really was.

I will be happily buying more of the Dr. Zevia flavor, hopefully my local stores that carry Zevia will get the flavor before I run out of the cans in the two cases I bought. I even took a six pack down to Jorge Cruise’s office to share it with him and his staff as it was Jorge who introduced me to Zevia in the first place.

Start asking your local stores to carry Zevia, and especially ask for the Dr. Zevia flavor to help get the word out on the new flavor. To get a PDF form you can print and take to your local store to help request the products, click here. To find out more about Zevia, just visit their website at And you can always do what I like to do with Zevia soda’s and that’s combine it with Clemmy’s Sugar Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and make Zevia Floats. A healthy all natural alternative to a classic treat. A Dr. Pepper flavored float sounds delicious!



8 thoughts on “Trying The New Dr. Zevia Flavor”

  1. Ryan! Awesome. I’m going start reading your blog as much as possible. In the past 11 months, I’ve lost 180lbs… and I’m doing it the healthy way: working out everyday, cut out sugar, and taking in low or good carbs, all while watching calories and just finally being concerned.

    I have fallen in LOVE with Zevia. I was a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan, so I’m looking forward to trying Dr. Zevia. My body (and mind!) can’t handle the artificial sweeteners. I’m also going to look into Clemmy’s, and am going to start surfing around your site!

    Thanks for spreading the good word! 🙂


  2. Hi Anthony,

    Congratulations on your 180 lb loss, that’s a very amazing accomplishment. Glad to hear you’ve chosen to do it the healthy way as opposed to an invasive surgery. I think it’s best to do the healthy way because you learn what you did wrong in the first place to get so big and actively learn what works and watch it all come back off. Surgery which is very popular doesn’t solve the problem and while can cause some rapid weight loss, doesn’t teach a lasting lesson on doing what’s right for your body.

    Zevia is amazing and you’re going to love the Dr. Zevia flavor, you’ll be able to once again enjoy that great Dr. Pepper flavor without all the artificial junk that’s in the diet version and all the high fructose corn syrup that’s in the regular version. It goes great with Clemmy’s Ice Cream. Hopefully you’re in one of the states that carries it so that you can find it easily. If not, the Belly Fat Cure book has a recipe for making homemade sugar free ice cream.

    If I can be of any help, just ask any questions in another blog comment and I’ll be happy to help.


  3. I’m a Zevia addict, 4 cans a day, primarily of the Zevia cola, but I look forward to trying the Dr. Zevia

  4. On Long Island cannot locate a store or supplier of your soft drink please help ifpossible

  5. Hello Axt113,

    I am with you on being a Zevia addict. They make a great product and I hope that you’ve had a chance to finally try their Dr. Zevia flavor. It’s really good.


  6. Hi Larry,

    These days I get my Zevia from Amazon. You can get the Zevia with free shipping, it’s best if you’re an Amazon prime member and it’ll be there in 2 days. You can create a subscription where they automatically send you more at a schedule you specify for an additional discount. For more information check out Amazon by going here:


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