Transformers 2 – Decent But Not Fantastic Sequel

Transformers 2I went into seeing “Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen” with fairly low expectations as it’s not been reviewed very positively by critics and a few of the people I follow on Twitter didn’t have the best of things to say about it. But I wanted to see it anyway and so I went with a couple of people from work today and I thought it was just okay.

The movie itself had a reasonably decent plot line, and the stuff involving the parents of the main character, Sam, were fantastic comedy bits. As with most Michael Bay movies, it was loaded with lots of explosions and as one friend on Twitter put it, a great recruiting video for the Armed Forces. The explosions were definitely bigger and better than the first movie. One of the nice touches I liked was the return of the same voice from the animated Transformers cartoon for the character of Soundwave. Fortunately, they didn’t make Soundwave a tape deck, but rather a satellite in space who taps into a US Military satellite and relays information to the Decepticons below. I think from the animated show the voices of Optimus Prime and Soundwave definitely are key to those of use nostalgic enough to remember the original cartoons back when they were at their peak of popularity.

I think areas where the film went wrong, were the addition of too many lame robot characters who’s sole purpose seemed to be providing comic relief. Several of the explosions just seemed to be there for the sake of causing something to blow up. The plot was a little weak, but really that’s not too expected. A definitely gratuitous placement of a “Bad Boys II” poster in the film (oddly enough another Michael Bay movie).

Overall, I thought it was decent enough. I am happy to say I’ve seen it, but I don’t see any need to go see it again. I may consider buying it on DVD or Blu-Ray, but that’s only if I think the price is right. So far, of the movies from this summer, the only one I want to see multiple times is “Star Trek” and considering that’s still playing I may go see it again this week before it disappears from the multiplexes. Oddly enough, this movie was written by the same guys. Maybe they’re not quite as big Transformer fans as they are of the Star Trek universe.



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