Toy Story Double Feature In 3-D

Toy Story Double Feature in 3DSurprisingly, I’ve never actually seen either “Toy Story” movie before. And oddly enough, I actually do have both movies on DVD. I picked up the first Toy Story movie when it was reissued as a 10th Anniversary edition, and the second one either at the same time or shortly thereafter. But I’m guessing it might have been a buy both get a better discount kind of deal. But both DVDs are still shrinkwrapped to this day. I know the first one at least had to have been good based on the fact it spawned a sequel, but it also launched Pixar into the mainstream and I have enjoyed several of their movies over the years.

I don’t know why this seems to be true for me, but I never seem to find the Pixar movie trailers interesting enough to ever want to see the movies when they happen to be playing on the big screen. I had never seen any of them on the big screen, not “Monster’s Inc.”, not “Finding Nemo”, not “Cars” not even “Wall-E” or this year’s “Up” and yet, ultimately I’ve been told how great and wonderful they are, and I’ve checked them out on DVD and ended up buying them. I will probably even get “Up” when it comes out next month. All of the ones I’ve seen ended up being extremely good, so I just don’t quite get why their trailers strike me as lame and I don’t see them in the theaters.

Disney decided to send both “Toy Story” movies back to the theaters for a limited run in a brand new 3-D version as a special double feature opportunity. So I decided maybe I should finally see the “Toy Story” movies and why not check them out in the new 3-D version. I haven’t spent much time in the theaters this year, and this would be my first trip to the movies since the latest Harry Potter movie.

Well I was actually quite impressed with the two “Toy Story” movies. I thought they were both really well done. As someone with loves brands and logos, I was especially impressed with the attention to detail everywhere in the movie and I’m sure it was probably a licensing nightmare for the producers to get the permissions of all the manufacturers of real products that were featured in the movies, especially since at the time of the first one, Pixar was just an upstart without a major feature film success to their name yet. It was obvious the success of the first one led to an easier time getting Mattel on board to have their popular Barbie dolls appear. And it seemed like they were having more fun in the second one with pop culture references everything from Star Wars lightsaber sound effects, to Buzz Lightyear giving the Vulcan hand salute from Star Trek.

Like all the other Pixar movies I’ve seen both “Toy Story” movies are great movies that touch the heart in some way. No doubt one of the biggest reasons for the success of their movies. I thought both touched on the meaning and value of friendship in very real and poignant ways. The second one touched on a sense of obsolescence in a great way as well. In a way its quite ironic to get very real stories about the human condition as being told by toys.

The 3-D effects were well done, they seemed to compliment the movie well giving some added realism to the environments. Since I still have never seen them in their original versions I can’t quite compare them. But I really have enjoyed the chance to see both movies on the big screen and in a way indoctrinate myself in a whole new way to the world Pixar’s animations for Disney. Even though I’m 14 years late to this party, it was worth the wait to me and just like just about everyone else, I can say my first Pixar theater experiences were the “Toy Story” films. And I am actually looking forward to “Toy Story 3” which will pick up the story of Woody and Buzz Lightyear and the rest of his toys as Andy is ready to head off to college. I think it’ll be the first Pixar movie I actually will catch during its first run at the theaters.



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