The Quik Pod Works Great With Flip Video & Still Cameras

Quik Pod Extendable TripodThe Quik Pod is an amazingly simple and fantastic hand-held device that allows you to take self portraits without your arm being in the way. The amazingly clever device that telescopes out 18 inches allowing you to include more of your background and allowing the objects in the photos to appear more natural without any arms in the picture.

It’s a perfect tool to have when you need to snap a quick photo and don’t have a friend handy to hand over the digital camera to. Just set your camera’s self timer and hit the button, extend the Quik Pod, and smile. The Quik Pod is also brilliant to use for self video blogging with Flip Video cameras. If you’re a little too self conscious talking into a camera with someone holding the camera, this is the perfect tool to take the video yourself and be your own camera person.

I personally have one and love using it, it comes in handy at times. I recently obtained a Flip Video camera and it works really well with that. Check out the video below to see the Quik Pod in action. And click here to get one from which can ship free in two days if you have Amazon Prime membership. Amazon is running a special one month free trial of Amazon Prime and its a great program, use it to try out getting a Quik Pod by clicking here to get Amazon Prime.



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