Thanksgiving At My Parents’ New Home

Mom's New HouseI got to have my first look the new house my parents moved into in Temecula, California on Thanksgiving. I was a little sad to see the old house in the process of being packed up and ready to go last week when stopped by. (Click here to read about that visit.) But I was excited to see the new house even though it’s considerably further away from where I’m currently living.

My first look at the house wasn’t actually when I drove up, when I got the e-mail from my mother with the new address, I checked it out on Google’s maps using the street view feature. The photo was not unlike the one I took that’s shown above. The house is definitely bigger than the older house and as my mom tells me, it’s approximately 1000 square feet bigger than the old house, but because lacks the same level of storage space of the old house. Understandable considering the old house, my folks had “California Closets” installed in all the closets to maximize the closet spaces and a full set of storage cabinets inside the garage. The new house has just the bar to hang clothes in the closets and from what my folks told me, the garage wasn’t even drywalled when the bought the house. So eventually the closets will get transformed into California Closets and cabinets added to the garage, but it’s not a priority.

I was really impressed with the house, the rooms look great, and some are in various states of completion which is understandable since they just moved in a week earlier. The living room area looked pretty complete and my mom has a really good eye for interior design and was able to make the room really look like something out of a showroom or a fancy furniture catalog. The dining room was really nice too. Although the size of the dining room makes the dining room table they’ve had since I was about two years old look rather small. That’s probably the first time that table has ever looked small for the room its in. My mom hasn’t yet decided if she’s going to put in the extension leaves for the table just to make the table look bigger in the room.

The family room has the first new piece of furniture my folks bought for the house, which is a sectional sofa. My folks added a power connection to wall above the fireplace so that they could get a flat panel TV to mount on the wall there. It has a nice little entertainment cabinet to the side that allows all the components to be stored and feed the cables up to the TV mount area. The big hutch cabinet they’ve owned was too big to make it upstairs to be in the office, but I think where my mom placed it in the family room it looks like it belongs there. The view out the windows overlooking the back yard and the hills of Temecula beyond the yard is really amazing to look at. It makes the family room quite pleasant.

The kitchen is the room that my folks have done the most work in. The flooring is the same wood that makes up the walkway between the main floor rooms. The original counters were tile, and my folks elected to replace the tile with granite counters. They also have a back splash on order to cover the walls above the counters, but it hasn’t been installed yet, so I’ll see that on my next visit. The refrigerator is the only major kitchen appliance they brought with them, the rest are all new. My mom had a double oven added that has a convection cooking mode. A new dishwasher was added because the previous owner took the dishwasher (who takes a dishwasher?). A new range hood microwave was added as my folks said there wasn’t one before. The cabinet doors weren’t in place at the time of my visit because my folks sent them out to be cut so that some glass could be added to them. My folks also added some lights to hang down over the bar seating area and they also bought a new kitchen table. Just off the kitchen is a Butler’s Pantry area which is a pretty cool feature, I suppose as a staging area for formal dining, but I doubt that’ll get used for that purpose much. But it does make a nice entry foyer for the garage as well. And the kitchen pantry is quite big. A great storage space for the kitchen that’s out of the way accessible off the butler’s pantry.

The upstairs has some great spaces. Two of the bedrooms have been converted into office spaces, one each for both my mom and dad. There’s also another bedroom available for guests in addition to the two offices. The laundry room is upstairs, which to me is kind of different but it does seem to be the style for homes in Temecula. It does make sense that the place to do the laundry should be where most of the clothes in the homes are stored, the upstairs bedrooms. But definitely different from any of the homes I’ve ever lived in. Upstairs also has a bonus room area which my folks are going to use as a secondary family room. That way my mom can tell my dad to go watch his hockey games or other sports upstairs and she can enjoy the TV downstairs.

And lastly the master bedroom was nice. The master bathroom will probably need some work as my mom was a little disappointed in the closet spaces and the design of the bathroom vanity seems rather poorly thought out by the builder of the home. My mom hasn’t quite decided what she wants to do with it yet, but she’ll figure it out and no doubt transform it into a beautiful space.

The back yard is huge compared to the last house. There’s plenty of room for a pool if my folks decide to add one. In fact the concrete work in the backyard has been shaped so that the grass area is pool shaped. So it would be relatively easy to add one at some point if they choose to. I suggested it’s probably not worth doing as I doubt they would use it enough to justify the cost of putting one in. In any case the yard is a huge space and the view is really quite nice. That was one of the things that sold my mom on the house and I was definitely impressed.

Since my folks just moved in, they really weren’t able to accommodate making a Thanksgiving dinner, they had been invited over to one of my dad’s hockey buddies home for Thanksgiving and the invitation was extended to me as well. They were very nice people and it was good meal. When we got back to my folks place we had some of the sugar free desserts I had brought with me to share with my folks. They got a chance to sample some of the Junior’s sugar free cheesecake I ordered from New York, the cake I most recently made, and a few squares of both my regular and peanut butter variations of my sugar free Nanaimo Bars recipe.

I didn’t plan on staying the night but having worked the night before and starting to approach the point of being up twenty-four hours straight, I was too tired to drive home. None of the guest rooms had matresses yet (they’ve been ordered but not yet arrived) so I got the opportunity to try out the new sectional sofa as a bed. It was pretty comfy. I did wake to see the sun starting to come up over the hills in the view of the backyard. I didn’t realize this view was looking east until the sun was coming up and I thought, that’s perfect for my mom because she’s such a morning person and I know she’ll enjoy watching the sun rise every morning. I went back to sleep for a little while only to find the view now included a few hot air balloons in the distance. I can see why she was so sold on the view.

Before heading out I helped my folks set up the garage door opener to work with the built-in controls in my mom’s vehicle, and since a combination keypad was also built in to the garage door frame, I helped change the code to one my folks wanted. My mom and I went down to the local Henry’s Marketplace store so that I could show my mom some of the products I buy for the Belly Fat Cure and then I checked out the Wal-Mart Supercenter next door to that before heading home.

I enjoyed visiting my parents’ new home. I think they’re going to quite enjoy their new house. I took a few photos of the house and I have posted them to my Facebook account. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you’re invited to come take a look at my photos I took of the house. Visit me on Facebook by clicking here.



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