Target’s Interesting Packaging For Star Trek DVD & Blu-Ray

Star Trek Target Blu RayAs retailers coerce manufacturers into getting exclusive versions of products to try and attract buyers without having to actually compete on price. In a way it’s kind of a dirty way to get fans to buy multiple products when exclusives are offered to multiple retailers and to extort the highest prices on the “Limited Edition” versions.

In the case of the latest Star Trek film, here in the US, Paramount Pictures, authorized several exclusives options. One set of retailers, FYE, Coconuts, & Suncoast, (all owned by the same parent company) offered the film in a collectible steelbox shell, Hollywood Video is offering a chance to win an autographed poster with a purchase or rental of the movie, Best Buy is offering a set of four pins to cover the various departmental delta shields seen on the uniforms in the movie. CVS Pharmacies are offering the chance to buy the movie for a discounted rate with the purchase of an iTunes gift card. Allegedly Wal-Mart is or was offering a Blu-Ray set that included the standard DVD as well, but I’ve not been able to confirm that one. And both Amazon and Target are offering Enterprise models as their exclusives. The Amazon one is certainly the higher ticket one, made of solid metal with chrome, textured steel and pewter finishes as well as being limited to only 5,000 pieces but at $100 a pop, a little too pricey in my book, albeit very nice looking.

The Target packaging is definitely the more accessible one at $29.99 for the Blu-Ray version and $26.99 for the standard DVD version (although when I bought mine, my local target was selling the Blu-Ray version for $24.99). The model of the Enterprise is entirely made of plastic, but its unique in that it’s also how the discs get stored. Hidden inside the saucer section of the Enterprise are the discs, although, despite the Blu-Ray set being three discs, there’s only room to house two of the discs in the Enterprise model. (See images below to see the assembled DVD set as well as how the discs are hidden inside the Enterprise.) The third disc is tucked into a paper sleeve and no proper way to store it or the brochure that contains the digital copy code if you opt to put together the ship, display it, and dispose of the box the ship came in. I happen to like this one, but I’m not putting the ship together. I’m leaving it in the box, no sense letting it collect dust.

And it seems that the interesting Target version is also available elsewhere in the world. In Canada, it’s being offered exclusive to Best Buy Canada. It’s also exclusive to in Germany, and seems to be offered just as a more expensive “Limited Edition” from multiple retailers in Australia. I’m sure it’s probably available in other countries as well, but that it’s possible to get some rather cool and innovative packaging for the new Star Trek movie, showing there’s still lots of life left in Star Trek even though it was thought to be dead the last few years.

And now the images of the Target (and elsewhere in the world) limited edition Enterprise ship packaging.

Star Trek Ship DVD 1
Star Trek Ship DVD 2



2 thoughts on “Target’s Interesting Packaging For Star Trek DVD & Blu-Ray”

  1. We bought the dvd from Target. The packaging says gives a web site to print the assembly instructions, but the page in to available. Can you provide or know where I can get written instructions to assemble the packaging into the USS Enterprise?

  2. Hi Jodie,

    Mine has an instruction sheet inside the package. It’s visible underneath the saucer section in between the layers of the plastic that holds most of the pieces into the plastic tray. Since I am not planning on assembling mine, I didn’t bother to extract the instructions from the package. I don’t know what to suggest if yours did not include an instruction sheet. Although it seems pretty straight forward to assemble it. The nacelle struts seem to be color coded from what I can tell so I would imagine it would be fairly straight forward to put together without instructions. The only thing of note I saw on the visible side of the instruction sheet was a note that once assembled, to not take it apart because pieces may break doing so.

    Hope this helps,


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