Take Part In Raymond Aaron’s January 2009 Double Your Income Challenge

Ryan Cameron With Raymond AaronRaymond Aaron, one of my mentors since 2006, and the author of the wonderful book “Double Your Income Doing What You Love: Raymond Aaron’s Guide to Power Mentoring,” has launched a special month long program designed to teach ideas on how to double your income in such a depressed economy.

To achieve this Raymond is utilizing a number of tools to help share a wealth of information covering such diverse topics as eliminating debt, to applying the Law Of Attraction, and building a list of potential clients using social media services like YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. One of Raymond’s tools is a blog site that is located at http://www.DoubleYourIncomeChallenge.com and as incentive for signing up for updates on the site, Raymond Aaron will send you MP3s of Jack Canfield discussing several topics from his “The Success Principles” book.

And if you’re willing to recommend Raymond’s Double Your Income Challenge to two of your friends, Raymond has even more bonuses for you. The first of which is access to a series of teleseminars, Raymond Aaron is conducting throughout the month. You have the option of dialing in on a phone or listening in through a live webcast to attend these teleseminars. And don’t worry that you have missed a few of the teleseminars, they’re all archived on the site and downloadable as MP3 files. These teleseminars are set up so that they are one hour long of Raymond teaching, and then a question and answer period follows where Raymond fields questions from the teleseminar audience and offers specific answers to questions.

Jump on the chance to take advantage to ask one of the world’s most powerful mentors a question about overcoming an obstacle in your path to success. For even more advance mentoring on debt elimination Raymond Aaron has brought on debt elimination expert, Randall Blaum, to teach one with him as well one of the later seminars Randall will tackle the subject with more detail.

And there is an additional bonus where Raymond Aaron has partnered with Alex Mandossian to record a special CD length audio MP3 entitled “27 Secrets To Succeed In The New Economy” with even more tips for success in the current economy.

Don’t let the current economy inspire fear, be proactive and take part in the generous offering of tips and strategies to eliminate debt and double your income that Raymond is offering for free only during the month of January! Act quickly to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Raymond questions specific to your situation as the chance to ask Raymond for free ends on January 31st. This kind of gift doesn’t come around often and rarely when it does come around is it ever offered for free.

I’ve personally been a client of Raymond Aaron since 2006 and have had phenomenal experiences as part of his Monthly Mentor program, The Wealth Creator Source program, and some of the more advanced training courses Raymond has offered and not only am I proud to call Raymond my mentor, I consider him to be a friend.

Take the chance to get to know what knowledgeable and wonderful mentor Raymond Aaron can be for your through the blog site and teleseminars as well as the other bonuses from Jack Canfield and Alex Mandossian.

Visit http://www.DoubleYourIncomeChallenge.com

And don’t forget to get a copy of his book, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love: Raymond Aaron’s Guide to Power Mentoring” here from Amazon.com. And you can also join his Wealth Creator Source program by clicking here. Additionally if you want to continue having access to Raymond beyond January, I strongly encourage membership in Raymond’s Monthly Mentor Program, available here.



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