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Ugly Sweater Party & Bea Arthur In Star Wars

Ugly Sweater Party 2009Last night I attended an “Ugly Sweater Party” at the home of a local friend, Mike Kurtz. The premise of the party is that you’re suppose to find an ugly sweater or sweatshirt to wear to the party. You have the option of buying something new that’s hideous or comb the racks of the local thrift stores to find something ugly. It’s just a fun excuse to have a great theme party.

The party is also a pot luck of sorts and I brought some cookies. I didn’t have time to make some sugar free ones so I just bought some pre-made cookie dough packages from the supermarket and baked those up for the party. Pretty quick and easy. Some people did some creative things, such as one person brought a whole plate of olives that were creatively stacked and stuffed with some carrots and cream to look like penguins. Mike and his partner Ian had wonderful meatballs for the party.

To compliment the theme of ugly sweaters, one of the worst television holiday specials ever was screened. It’s the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. It’s so bad that George Lucas has said if he had the time and a hammer he would track down every bootleg recording of it and smash it. And yes, it was horrible. I’m amazed they got the original actors to consent to making this steaming pile of crap holiday special. The sets looked terrible. The costumes were pretty bad, especially the Wookies that made up the rest of Chewbacca’s family. Even the animation for the cartoon segment introducing Boba Fett was bad too.

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Looking For An Ugly Sweater Turns Up Déjà Vu Instead

Poway Salvation Army Light FixtureThis weekend I am attending an Ugly Sweater Party where the theme essentially is to find the ugliest sweater possible and wear that to the party. I saw a rather terrible sweatshirt at Rite Aid, but I thought maybe there might be something at the local thrift store that would be even more hideous and possibly cheaper.

I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift store in Poway and they didn’t seem to have much selection of sweaters or even sweatshirts. They certainly had an abundance of ugly clothes but not the type I was looking for. About the most hideous sweatshirt I could find was a red sweatshirt that had this horrible print of a field of sunflowers on it. It would have been perfect, except for the fact it was a size small sweatshirt. It was completely revolting and probably would win the contest, but it’s too small to wear. I know I’ve lost weight this year, going down from wearing 3XL down to a plain XL, but small is still too small for me.

In my disappointment I turned to leave but ended up finding the light fixture pictured at the top of this blog entry. It looks identical to the lighting fixtures that were originally installed in the home my parents just sold less than a month ago. It’s quite possible this light fixture in the thrift store was one of the light fixtures that had once hung in the home I lived in. My folks had replaced those light fixtures several years ago and I know that when my mom does get rid of things, she usually donates them to the Salvation Army. She usually calls them up and they come to collect the stuff, where it goes beyond there, is anyone’s guess. I just found it strange to be in the Poway Salvation Army Thrift store and unexpectedly see a fixture that possibly once belonged to my parents.

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