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Kylie Minogue Finally Lights Up The Hollywood Bowl

Kylie Hollywood Bowl SignI know this review is a bit late and I still need to get to my reviews of the “Kristina” shows from Carnegie Hall, but I’m trying to fit in the time when I can. So apologies to my readers anxiously anticipating my reviews.

I wasn’t expecting my chance to see Kylie Minogue in person to be such a last minute affair, but I had been hoping my new Blackjack Training program I am I developing would not only be released long before this concert, but it would also help brining in the funds to purchase much better seats for the show. But as the concert has come and past and the project is still not yet ready to launch, I ended up scrambling last minute to make sure I had the night of October 4th off work, and purchased some tickets. I decided I wasn’t that fussed about having great seats, as I felt it was just more important to be there. So I bought a couple of the cheapest tickets available so my good friend Rod Reynolds and I could see the Australian pop diva bring her first ever United States tour. I didn’t know it at the time I bought the tickets but they were second row seats……second row from the back.

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Chantal Kreviazuk Previews New Songs At The Hotel Cafe In Los Angeles

Chantal Kreviazuk PerformanceLast night I got the opportunity to see Chantal Kreviazuk play a very small and intimate club in Los Angeles called, The Hotel Cafe. The venue can hold about one hundred fifty people, so it was pretty small and the venue wasn’t the easiest to find, fortunately, Google Street View maps made it relatively easy thanks to being able to identify the surrounding businesses.

Chantal was third on the lineup of four artists performing each performing for about 45 minutes starting at the top of the hour with the first artist taking the stage at seven. Tickets to the event were not sold in advance online so it was kind of a crap shoot to just drive on up to Los Angeles from San Diego. But what the hell, I took a couple days extra off work to do this as I love Chantal’s music and it was worth it to me to come. I didn’t even know how much the tickets would be at the door either. So when I got to the venue and found out they were only $8, it was one of the best concert bargains all year.

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