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The 9 Most Incredible Things Of 2008 In Ryan’s Incredible World

Now that 2009 is now upon us, it seems that it would be good to take a few minutes to highlight what made high points for me in 2008. Taking a quick glance at the list of items that made the list this year, it seems that the very early 1980’s seem to be related to almost all of the items that make the list for this year. The influence of the 1980’s will be readily apparent as you check out the list. And I’ll point those out along the way for those who might not quite see the influence.

Without further ado, I now present My 9 Most Incredible Things of 2008, in no particular order… Continue reading The 9 Most Incredible Things Of 2008 In Ryan’s Incredible World

Duffy Rocks San Diego

Last night Duffy opened her US tour in San Diego at Humphrey’s By The Bay. She’s on a four week tour headlining across the US and along for the ride is her opening act, Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Personally I wish I had shown up late because I thought Eli “Paperboy” Reed was absolutely terrible. I spent most of his performance chatting with some people online via my cellphone as a way to pass the time since the music was just flat out awful.

Fortunately, Duffy more than made up for the fact her opening act should have been left at home. Like her music, which sounds like it really should be from an era long past, she came out wearing a striped white and navy blue mini-dress that certainly wouldn’t have looked out of place a few decades past (albeit a little shorter than probably would have been appropriate then). She was just so cute. Even the her pronunciation of “San Diego” was cute as she pronounced San with the a sounding as you would pronounce the word “lawn” as opposed to how San Diegans pronounce it more like the a in “fan.”

Duffy commented how beautiful the venue was with the palm trees and overlooking the bay. She even told a little story about how at the sound check she saw some ducks walking through the seating area and commented how back home in Wales, she’d be more likely to see sheep crossing through instead. Continue reading Duffy Rocks San Diego

“Mercy” by Duffy

During the week of March 11-18th, iTunes USA was offering Mercy by Duffy as it’s “Single Of The Week” as a free download. While I’ve not been very impressed by the other free songs of the week I’ve downloaded in the past, this one just knocked my socks off. Comes to find out this song has been a chart topper in the UK which is probably why I liked it so much. My musical tastes have always been more in line with European musical tastes than American.

I thought this song has a great retro-feel with its beat feeling very 60’s-ish. Duffy’s voice sounds a bit of a cross between Dusty Springfield and Tina Turner to me. (I think the song has a big “River Deep, Mountain High” sound to it. I’ve heard others compare Duffy’s voice to Amy Winehouse (I don’t agree because I can’t stand Amy Winehouse), and Dolly Parton (I love Dolly but don’t really hear that comparison.) The video can be seen at Amazon’s UK site and it’s well worth the look.

Well the song has definitely left me wanting more, but ridiculously the album isn’t available here in the USA until May 13, 2008. That’s just too long to wait, especially since the album is available now in the UK. So I ordered it from the UK, and it’ll be here next week sometime. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. If you want to pick up Duffy’s “Rockferry” album you can get it here from Amazon UK or if you want to save a few bucks you can wait until the US release on May 13th, you can pre-order it now at Amazon US. I for one am not waiting for the US release!