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A Grill For Tailgating That Mounts To Your Vehicle

Margaritaville Tailgate GrillWhen I met up for dinner with my good friend Caroline the other night, we met up at one of the San Diego area Costco Membership Warehouse locations to do a little shopping before dinner. One of the products we encountered in the Costco that just made us laugh was from Jimmy Buffet’s line of merchandise branded as the Margaritaville Tailgate Grill. Now it’s not unusual to see a small portable barbecue grill being sold for the purposes of tailgating, but what makes this one unique is that you can actually mount this one your vehicle if it has a standard trailer hitch connector.

Now you can actually always have your portable grill attached to your vehicle and take it wherever you go. It seems like an incredibly funny concept to me that anyone would want to mount a portable grill to their vehicle but if you do a lot of tailgating or camping out with your truck or SUV, then it may be the perfect item for you. I can see it being handy when you’re actually using it, but I would be concerned with nosy people seeing the grill on the back end of the vehicle while you’re shopping somewhere and just having to touch and look at it. I would not be a big fan of that if I were to have such a grill attached to my vehicle.

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The 9 Most Incredible Things Of 2008 In Ryan’s Incredible World

Now that 2009 is now upon us, it seems that it would be good to take a few minutes to highlight what made high points for me in 2008. Taking a quick glance at the list of items that made the list this year, it seems that the very early 1980’s seem to be related to almost all of the items that make the list for this year. The influence of the 1980’s will be readily apparent as you check out the list. And I’ll point those out along the way for those who might not quite see the influence.

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