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ABBA Fab Brings Unique ABBA Tribute Show To Escondido

ABBA FabHaving literally just gotten off the plane from New York where I spent two nights with the real Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus as they presented the first English language performance of their musical, Kristina at Carnegie Hall, I took the opportunity to attend the ABBA Fab tribute concert at Escondido’s California Center For The Arts. As the author of the eZine article, “ABBA Tribute Bands – 8 Tips To Improve Your Show” I often like to check out ABBA Tribute Bands to see which ones are worth recommending and which ones are worth avoiding.

ABBA Fab bills themselves as “The Premiere ABBA Experience” on their posters for the event and on their website at ABBAFab.com as “The most amazing tribute show you will see anywhere.” which are some pretty grand statements for a tribute band that has never been seen or heard by me or any of the other ABBA fans I am in touch with around the globe. So I was a bit skeptical of their claim as I have seen some truly great ABBA tribute performances and some truly appalling performances as well.

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Fleetwood Mac Rocks The San Diego Sports Arena

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood MacLast night was the San Diego stop in Fleetwood Mac’s 2009 Unleashed Tour. The concert was at the San Diego Sports Arena, not exactly a venue known for great acoustics, in fact, it’s one of the worst in town, but the bright side is that I finally got to see Fleetwood Mac in concert for the first time ever. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time and it was just one of the most magical evenings in a long time.

The show had a lot of obstacles to overcome for me in the sense that the venue is old and crappy, the acoustics are terrible, and what seemed to add insult to injury is that they were charging an insanely ridiculous $20 for parking in the Sports Arena lot, which is really torn up and in terrible condition. Sheesh, not even Disneyland charges that much for parking, and their parking lot and structure are immaculate. And yet, despite all of these obstacles, the concert was phenomenal, probably as close to a religious experience as one gets for a non-church goer.

Stevie Nicks was in excellent form throughout the show, not only was she singing beautifully, she was quite personable on stage. I had seen her once on one of her solo tours in 2001 and she could barely muster a “Hello San Diego” then, perhaps because that tour was right around September 11th, I don’t know, but she was like a gracious host to the Fleetwood Mac concert last night. Not only was she very warm to the audience, she even commented how nostalgic it was to be playing the San Diego Sports Arena as she recounted a story about the very first time her and Lindsey Buckingham went out on a tour as an opening act and one of the venues on that tour was the San Diego Sports Arena. She commented how the place and its dressing rooms looked the same as on that first time on tour.

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