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A&W Root Beer Served The Way Root Beer Should Be Served

On my way out of Palm Springs along Interstate 10, I found an A&W Restaurant just outside the Morongo Hotel And Casino. This was not a combination A&W store with another one of Yum! brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, etc. This was an A&W restaurant that was just an A&W restaurant. This was exciting since all the San Diego A&W’s were combination stores and all of them withdrew the A&W portion of the stores, it means the only chance to sample A&W is on the road outside of San Diego.

When I got there, it was about a half hour before they opened. I was surprised they weren’t opened earlier as it was 10:30 am when I stopped by. I didn’t want to just find the next A&W because I might not see another one on the road ahead, so I went for a quick fill up on gasoline at Morongo’s gas station and then just waited for the A&W to open. At about 10 minutes left to go before the placed opened there was a line forming outside the door. Apparently I wasn’t alone in my want for A&W Food. Sure it’s not what I really should be eating but it’s an out of town treat.

Once it opened, I opted to get a burger combo and removed the bun, like I usually do at burger joints. But I was interested in the upgrade of the fries to Wisconsin Cheese Curds. Thanks to my friend Caroline Bender for introducing me to what Cheese Curds really are, I was anxious to try these. I had never tried Cheese Curds until Caroline introduced me to them because I didn’t know what a curd was and it sounded disgusting. So now that I’ve been corrected and know that cheese curds are delicious plain, let alone deep fried like they were here at A&W.

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A Grill For Tailgating That Mounts To Your Vehicle

Margaritaville Tailgate GrillWhen I met up for dinner with my good friend Caroline the other night, we met up at one of the San Diego area Costco Membership Warehouse locations to do a little shopping before dinner. One of the products we encountered in the Costco that just made us laugh was from Jimmy Buffet’s line of merchandise branded as the Margaritaville Tailgate Grill. Now it’s not unusual to see a small portable barbecue grill being sold for the purposes of tailgating, but what makes this one unique is that you can actually mount this one your vehicle if it has a standard trailer hitch connector.

Now you can actually always have your portable grill attached to your vehicle and take it wherever you go. It seems like an incredibly funny concept to me that anyone would want to mount a portable grill to their vehicle but if you do a lot of tailgating or camping out with your truck or SUV, then it may be the perfect item for you. I can see it being handy when you’re actually using it, but I would be concerned with nosy people seeing the grill on the back end of the vehicle while you’re shopping somewhere and just having to touch and look at it. I would not be a big fan of that if I were to have such a grill attached to my vehicle.

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A Fantastic Wedding – Craig And Ana Woodard

Ana And Craig Woodard WeddingIt’s funny when you start a job that you never really know how that job is going to impact your life. When I started at Document Sciences as a part-time Graphic Design Assistant way back in October of 2000, I could never have predicted the friendships that I’ve formed there, nor even how my life has change since I started there. Even though I haven’t worked for the company since the end of June 2003, I still periodically see several of the folks I used to work with there.

Last month for example I attended the CD Launch Party for Roxy Monoxide, a local San Diego band that was started by my former boss, Scott Samuels. I do miss working with Scott, he was definitely one of the better managers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Document Sciences introduced me to one of my best friends in the world, the incredibly fantastic Caroline Bender. She was a trainer for the company and has since moved on to become a Marriage & Family therapist. She is without a doubt the person from Document Sciences I keep in contact with most. And for both of us 2009 has been a great year of weight loss. She’s been following a program that’s been working well for her and I have been following one that’s been working well for me. So now we seem to be more keen on getting photographs with each other every time we meet up so we can track our weight loss progress. And through Caroline I’ve also become better friends with another Document Sciences co-worker George Graham, who I didn’t know I had a lot more in common with at the time I worked with him at Document Sciences. Caroline and I attended his wedding last year.

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Busy Week Full Of Pride In San Diego

Pride FlagAfter having attended the last two San Diego Pride Parade’s in the last couple of years and having to work, I decided this year I was going to make sure I saved a few days of time off so that I could take part in the festivities this year. And with the Chantal Kreviazuk concert in Los Angeles last week, I decided to add a few more days to my time off request and as a result I was able to take part in quite a few activities.

On Tuesday night, after I had stopped by Jorge Cruise‘s office to say hello and show off the results of my 47 pounds of weight loss using his incredibly awesome Belly Fat Cure program, I treated myself to a late lunch at Which Wich sandwich shop in Hillcrest and then because I was in the area, I saw The Center for San Diego’s LGBT community was hosting a Bear Pride Bingo event that a lot of my local friends were attending, so I quickly sent in an RSVP and headed on over to the event. For $15 for a packet of bingo sheets, $2 for a dabber, and $1 for an optional game, I was set. I didn’t win any of the games but came very close on a few occasions. I did happen to know a couple people who did win, namely Vito Grandolfo and Tim Palmer. I even went with Vito and his friend Earl Shearin over to Brians’ American Eatery for a post-Bingo bite to eat. (Many thanks to Earl who wouldn’t let me pay for my meal.)

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