Susan Boyle Duets With Elaine Paige On ABBA Penned “I Know Him So Well”

Elaine Paige Susan Boyle IKHSWWhen Susan Boyle knocked the socks off Simon Cowell, she soon after stated that one of her dreams was to sing a song with her idol, Elaine Paige. Within days of the hubbub, Elaine Paige, who is not nearly as well known appeared on US Cable Network, CNN’s, Larry King Live program and gave an interview about Susan Boyle and said she would be open to singing with Susan. Now that dream has become a reality.

Sadly, the duet does not appear on Susan’s recently released album (which gets it’s name from the song Susan sang on Britain’s Got Talent, “I Dreamed A Dream”) but made it’s debut on UK television. The song selected for the two ladies to sing together is hardly an original choice, especially for Elaine. The duet selected was “I Know Him So Well” from the musical CHESS, which was a hit for Elaine Paige and her original duet partner Barbara Dickson way back in 1984. In fact, the song still holds the record in the UK for the longest running #1 song in the UK charts sung as a duet between two women. The song is a staple for Elaine whenever she goes out on tour and it’s a special song for ABBA fans as well as the song was co-written by ABBA’s song writing team, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus along with lyricist Tim Rice.

It seems that Susan must have been a little nervous while performing as her timing wasn’t quite perfect for when to come in for the song. I can completely understand, not only has she found this new found fame, but her album has been setting remarkable sales records at a time when album sales in general are in historic low levels, and she gets to share the stage for a few minutes with one of her idols being asked to sing as an equal. I can understand. As an ABBA fan I’m pleased to hear Susan take on this song with Elaine, but I am a little disappointed they didn’t do a studio version where the performances could be perfected. In any case, I’m still happy it exists even in an imperfect live format. I think both ladies did well with it.

If you’d like to check out the video, I have included it below from YouTube.



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