Steaz Introduces Sugar Free Sparkling Green Tea Beverages

Following my visit to the Sonic Drive-In in Vista, I stopped at the nearby Frazier Farms Market mainly to see they had any Ginger Ale Zevia, which they did have, but I was intrigued by what I saw next to the Zevia. With so few beverage manufacturers realizing that there is a market for sugar free drinks that don’t use artificial sweeteners, it’s always a nice surprise when a new comes to market that is able to be naturally sugar free, and today, I discovered a new product that I just had to bring home to try out.

That new product is Steaz Zero Calorie Sparking Green Tea. Essentially it’s a flavored tea product made with sparking water so it looks and tastes more like an exotic flavored soda instead of a tea product. The tea is sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia extract thereby making it a great option for people following Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program. The teas are also organically grown with special mention on the bottles about how its sustainably sourced for a natural and organically based beverage. There’s also several logos on the bottle to indicate it’s compliance with several programs such as certifications for being organic, vegan, fair trade, and a low carbon footprint during manufacturing. Essentially indicating the company is as environmentally focused as it is profit driven, definitely an admirable quality.

I came home with a four pack of the Blueberry Pomegranate flavor. I picked that flavor as it seemed to be the most exotic of the flavors from the selection that Frazier Farms had available that wasn’t a flavor I could easily get by my other naturally sweetened beverage products like Zevia soda (which sticks to more traditional soda flavors), the SoBe Lifewaters (which are not carbonated), and Hint Flavored Water (which is water with slight traces of flavor). The liquid in the bottles had a nice reddish color and I was looking forward to giving it a try. I even posted a tweet out to my fellow Belly Fat Cure friends on Twitter by mentioning the #BFC hashtag only to have my tweet spotted by Steaz and their curiosity about what BFC meant. I told them what it meant and gave them a link to my video with Jorge Cruise about what sugar does to blood since they’ve just made a product I was about to try that’s perfect for the program, they liked the video.

While waiting for the bottles to chill in the refrigerator, I looked up Steaz on the web at the URL printed on the bottles, Comes to find out they make a variety of tea and energy drink products, some of them are made with natural cane sugar, so it’s best to make sure when looking for these naturally sweetened sugar free products to read the labels to make sure they are not the ones sweetened with sugar. From what it looks like the cans and labels that are on a white background color are the ones that are the ones you want, where the ones sweetened with sugar have a colored background on the labels, but even still just make sure to check the nutrition labels to be sure.

When I bottles had chilled enough, I was excited to crack open my first bottle of the Steaz Sparking Green Tea, and I immediately noticed the very Zen like saying on the underside of the cap which read, “I am Kind” (the others ultimately said other things, so it’s a neat thing to look at when opening a bottle). As for the taste, I thought it was amazingly good. The tea definitely tastes more like a soda with the sparking water base and I can easily see myself buying more of the Steaz products to add to my lineup of beverage selections that are compliant with my Belly Fat Cure lifestyle. I think they’re fantastic and I hope I don’t have to drive all the way up to Vista to get another set of bottles.



2 thoughts on “Steaz Introduces Sugar Free Sparkling Green Tea Beverages”

  1. Ryan – Thanks for acknowledging that our newest Steaz line is appropriate for folks on diets like yours. We specifically designed this all-natural, sugar free formula with diabetics and people needed to reduce daily sugar intake in mind. We have received lots of great support from folks like yourself and couldn’t be more thrilled to make people this happy.
    Good dieting and keep enjoying your Steaz Zero!
    Eric Schnell
    Co Founder – Steaz

  2. Hi Eric,

    I was very excited to see your new Steaz products on the shelf. I’m really excited to see that the public is beginning to learn that sugar is no so sweet and innocent as it was once believed to be. I was personally shocked to learn it, and since drastically reducing my sugar intake, I’ve dropped a lot of weight and feel much better as a result. I am grateful to companies like yours that recognize that there is a market for great tasting products that don’t rely on sugar to sweeten them. And as people are becoming more aware of the dangers of sugar, that market is only going to grow. I certainly appreciate the growing variety of beverage options that meet my needs as someone trying to avoid sugar but not sacrificing taste.


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