Star Trek Movie Prequel Comics as an iPhone Application

Star Trek PrequelLike many other Star Trek fans, I am anxiously awaiting the relaunch of Star Trek that is set to happen on May 8th, 2009 with the new film by Director J.J. Abrams. The new filmed version, simply called “Star Trek” with no other subtitle or even a number (it’s the 11th Star Trek film for the record.)

The new film features a band new cast of actors playing younger versions of the Original Series cast. Only Leonard Nimoy from the original cast makes an appearance in the film. My best guess so far is that the story somehow involves some time travel allowing both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto to play the role of Spock in the same film. Oh course, this is speculation on my part, so please don’t read into it that I have any insider knowledge. For the most part I’ve been avoiding press about it as I really want to enjoy it on the big screen and I may even go see the IMAX version as well.

To get ready for the release of the new film, Paramount in association with IDW Publishing and iVerse Media to create an interactive comic book prequel to the film. The prequel comic sets out to bridge the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” universe we last saw in the film “Star Trek: Nemesis” with the new “Star Trek” film by introducing the character of “Nero” who appears to be the Romulan antagonist of the new movie played by Eric Bana.

The story is told in four parts, with each part being sold through the iTunes App Store (accessible through iTunes or on iPhones and iPod Touch models directly). Each part sells for 99 cents. So for $3.96 you can purchase all 4 parts and enjoy a comic book leading up to the new film that you can enjoy on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Click the buttons below to access each part directly:

Star Trek: Countdown # 1 Star Trek: Countdown #1

Star Trek: Countdown # 2 Star Trek: Countdown #2

Star Trek: Countdown # 3 Star Trek: Countdown #3

Star Trek: Countdown # 4 Star Trek: Countdown #4

Paramount has also released a free application called “Star Trek Phaser” which appears to some kind of shooting game. It doesn’t seem to be highly reviewed and I thought it was kind of crappy when I tried it myself. The highlights of the application for me was the photo gallery with scenes from the film shown and a spot to watch all three movie trailers for the movie as well as a TV commercial. It’s worth it for those two things alone and since it’s free, might as well download it. To get a copy of it for your iPhone or iPod Touch, click this button: STAR TREK PHASER

Now just the patient wait until May 8th, when the movie is released or more likely, the May 7th, Midnight screening I’m most likely going to attend first. It’ll be a nice return to the big screen for the U.S.S. Enterprise.



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