PureVia Now Available At Costco

When I originally started on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure Program just about a year ago, the large majority of people weren’t yet aware how dangerous sugar can be to the human body. While it’s still arguable how well aware the public is now, it’s considerably more aware now than a year ago. Truvia and PureVia were just hitting the market and most people still unaware the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are the major backers behind the companies that make these Erythritol and Stevia combinations and helped push their rapid approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a sweetener.

A year ago, you’d be just starting to see Truvia and PureVia hitting the shelves of the average supermarket, and now they’re pretty much a guarantee to be seen there. Both are starting to make their way into beverage products made by the respective cola giants although they’re yet to make their way into the cola giant’s diet versions of their signature products. Perhaps one of the signs that things are changing in a good way is that packets of PureVia are now available in the bulk purchasing giant warehouses of Costco. The super-sized boxes of packets which contain 300 packets are humongous compared to the 40 and 80 count boxes you can typically find in a regular supermarket.

The super bulk sizing at Costco is considerably more cost effective than the supermarket boxes as Costco is charging less than $10 for one of these boxes with 300 packets in it. The supermarkets are charging about $4 to $5 for the box of 40 and about $6 to $7 for the box of 80. It’s hopeful that this makes the Costco pricing more attractive to buyers and that it really takes off so that they continue to carry it. If so, it’s likely different forms of PureVia will start appearing as well. Such as bulk packages of the granulated form, not just the restaurant style packets.



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