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Cougar LifeI’ve been checking out some of the Sirius XM Satellite Radio stations I’ve never really checked out thanks to their new iPhone app which means I now have a radio on me all the time instead of my Sirius Stiletto radio which I leave at home so it will record the early morning programs that I want to listen to that are on while I’m at work. One of the stations I’ve been enjoying lately is the Raw Dog comedy channel.

On the talk stations I usually listen to the commercials are all the same kind so I was under the impression that commercials are pretty much the same on all the talk channels, but I encountered a commercial that I thought was a fake comedy commercial but turns out to be a legitimate commercial. It was for a website called “Cougar Life” an online dating portal for older women who want younger men. So the ad was soliciting men to sign up for these sexually mad cougars to ravage them. I was laughing at the commercial because I thought it was fake. So imagine my surprise when Google actually results for Cougar Life and links to multiple pages on their site, and short of signing up for it (as I’m not interested in the site) I checked it out.

The commercial cracked me up because it featured a couple of guys chatting about the benefits of a site that lets them find “MILF’s” and these cougars who are at their sexual peaks. I’m surprised they haven’t hired Demi Moore as their “SpokesCougar.” They just make it sound like it’s so easy for these young men to sign up to be used and abused by older women. I couldn’t locate their radio ads online to present here, but I did find a video on YouTube which kind of captures the essence of the radio ad, just a bit more visual. It’s funny but not nearly as amusing as the radio ads.



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  1. I’d love to hear it – it sounds funny!!! Do you really think the young men experience it as being used and abused though? LOL This is something men have been doing for years, so why not women? That being said, can you imagine how people would react if the ad was for older men looking for younger women? There would be such outrage. Heeheehee. We live in a funny world 🙂

  2. Hi Karen,

    I seriously doubt the young men experience it as being used and abused. I’m sure they quite enjoy it. LOL! But I just found it highly amusing the commercial was a recruitment for young men looking for MILF experience. essentially. I think it’s great that it allows older women to be on the prowl for younger men, that’s just an awesome change to the usual dirty old men looking for young women. It’s about time! LOL!


  3. Heeheehee, I always like anything that breaks the rules of convention, particularly in this way. It sounds hysterical! You tend to post about topics of interest to me – thanks!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the compliment, that’s very kind of you to say about what I write. Maybe you’ll be interested in signing up for updates in the “Join The List” section in the info column at the left. It will email you every time I post a new blog entry. The emails are automatic and give you the headline of each new entry and the first sentence or two emailed to you that way if you want to read more you can just click the link and be brought right back to the blog to read it. And if the topic doesn’t interest you, delete it without having to worry about missing out on what’s new.


  5. I’ve been looking for the radio ad as well but even the XM Sponsor page is absent even mentioning the site… 🙁

  6. Hi Tim,

    I wish it was somewhere to be found online. I suppose I could try to catch it live, but I rarely listen to the comedy channel at home. I usually have it on in the car and that’s the only station I hear it on. It’s quite the amusing commercial.

    Thanks for writing in.


  7. This is soooo funny, I’m trying to find the ad to play it for my wife. I listen to it on the NFL Channel and it plays there. Personally, I find older women sexier! 🙂 Maybe because my wife and I are in our 40’s and I think she’s so pretty.

  8. Hi Mike,

    The ad is riot. I seem to only encounter it when I’m listing to Sirius on the iPhone app where I can’t rewind the broadcast. I never seem to hear it when I’m listening on my satellite radio, at least with that, I can save the recording. Maybe one of these days I’ll get it captured.

    Thanks for writing in and I Think it’s awesome you think your wife is pretty, I can’t think of too many husbands I know these days that have great things to say about their wives’ looks.


  9. I heard it the other day and wondered if it was a joke or not. Well, apparently not. I was driving back from California to Texas and heard about three times. I stopped off at a truck stop, opened my laptop, and voila, there it was. Amazing….

  10. Hi John,

    I thought the commercials were jokes initially as well, but sure enough, it seems is a legitimate dating service. At least the commercials are entertaining.


  11. They just played it on Z100 here in NY a few days ago and I am still dying of laughter. Trying to find the radio ad b/c the youtube videos just don’t compare. Did I heard right? Was the jingle really, “I’m a cougar, she’s a cougar, we’re all cougars”???? If someone finds the link or can record and post it would be much appreciated!! Want my friends to listen for a good laugh!

  12. I’m with Krista, the radio ad went “I’m a cougar, she’s a cougar, men love cougars, Don’t you want to *beep* a cougar too?”
    It was aired 4 or 5 times as I was driving to and from the beach with some friends. Now we’re all searching the internet for it. It was maybe the funniest thing I have ever heard on the radio.

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    Sounds like that’s a different commercial from the ones I’ve heard. They really ought to put all their ads on their website.


  14. “I’m a cougar, she’s a cougar, men love cougars, Don’t you want to *beep* a cougar too?”
    I’ve heard this several times on a radio station in Chicago. Dying to find a link online so I can share it with others- it is hysterical!

  15. Hi Beth,

    I’m surprised they haven’t just posted them to their website, since it seems so many people want to hear them again and again.


  16. In the same situation. I’ve been trying to search for that radio ad online to share w/ friends too. I heard it on Z100 too and it was so funny. If anybody finds it online, please post it up.

  17. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the comment. They really are funny commercials, they just don’t like they are for a real service. Hopefully someone has been able to capture a few.


  18. I heard the same ad today, LMAO…I thought it was a fake ad, then realized it was real. When I got back to the office I was telling our marketing team (all.women) about it and we were cracking up. When I left they were watching the youtube video commercial you posted above, they were quite entranced.

    Very funny.

  19. Hi Shadrach,

    Thanks for writing in. I know the ads for cougarlife can be quite amusing. I laugh everytime I hear one, but I suppose the fact I haven’t been able to get them out of my head is an indication the ads are effective.


  20. On Howard Stern, the jingle used to say “F**K” a cougar too? Now it says “bang a cougar”

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