New Product Yoli Hopes To Transform Beverage Market

Yoli - Blast Cap BottlesThe Internet has certainly made the world a more interesting place for people to connect with one another. Recently I was contacted by Kirsten Sherlock. Kirsten found me on YouTube through Jorge Cruise’s “Death By Sugar” video that showcases the sugar experiment I assisted Jorge with. (Click here to see the video on YouTube and click here to read more about the experiment.) I had left a comment on YouTube identifying myself as the Ryan in the video, and Kristen found the comment and got in touch with me.

Kristen is a distributor for a brand new product called Yoli. It’s a new beverage product that employs a brand new technology called “Blast Cap Technology.” This innovative technology is designed to counteract three problems with the current beverage industry. Those problems are heat pasteurization, plastic leaching, and loss of nutrient potency.

Heat Pasteurization is a process designed to increase a beverage product’s shelf life. The heat treatment is designed to kill pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that cause spoilage of packaged beverage products if they aren’t treated. This ensures the product will remain consistent tasting all the way from the date of manufacture to the date of expiration printed on the bottle. While it’s beneficial that the microorganisms and bacteria are killed off, the same process also tends to denature the good nutrients in the beverage too. Proponents of raw foods know that fruits and vegetables are more nutritionally beneficial in their raw states than they are “cooked” which is essentially what heat pasteurization does no matter how briefly the beverage is cooked.

Another main problem with the beverage industry is the plastic packaging. While the plastics are great for making the products more lightweight and less breakable than glass, when they sit on the shelves for an extended period of time the plastics can leach some of their chemicals into the beverage. If you’ve ever had water or other beverage long past its recommended consume by date or from an especially old bottle, and found the water to taste terrible, then you’ve most likely tasted the results of plastic leaching and it’s not a pleasant experience.

And the last major problem of the beverage industry, relates especially to beverages touting their nutritional value such as energy drinks, sports drinks, and even fruit juices where these products are often fortified with vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals begin to lose their potency when they are introduced to a liquid beverage. Sure, the information on the label about how much vitamins and minerals that were present at the time of manufacturing are true, but how much time has passed since the moment the product was made before you’ve had a chance to buy it? There are plenty of opportunities in the distribution chain where the product would have an opportunity to sit for some time, such as your local retailer’s back room, your retailer’s distribution centers, the vendor’s warehouses, and even the manufacturer’s plants, and that doesn’t count the transportation time as well. The problem here is that water tends to break down these nutrients over time and they lose their potency in the process. The end result is that what you get is literally nothing more than a flavored water by the time you get it. Have you ever compared a freshly squeezed orange juice with a store bought juice? There is no comparison.

So how does Yoli combat heat pasteurization, plastic leeching, and loss of nutritional potency? Well it eliminates the water from the process. The ingredients are freeze dried which is essentially allows the extraction of the ingredient’s natural water without denaturing the ingredient itself. So long as the ingredients are prevented from reabsorbing moisture, they can remain in this state for periods of years and never lose potency. Additionally by locking the beverage ingredients into a blast cap, the consumer needs to supply their own water to reactivate the nutrients, this offers tremendous savings in terms of resources because the beverage doesn’t have to be bottled with water and the blast caps work with reuseable bottles thereby not requiring as much energy to transport the product because once you have a bottle or two, you only need replacement blast caps.

As for the ingredients, I like that the sweetening of the product comes from two things I regularly use on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure. Those ingredients are, Xylitol, and Stevia extract. The blast caps are loaded with Vitamin C and an antioxidant blend derived from Pomegranate fruit, Acai fruit, Goji Berries, and White Tea leaf extracts The drink also contains enzymes and probiotics, all things I think are beneficial to a healthy diet.

Kristen was kind enough to arrange for some samples of the product to be delivered to me to try the product. I received a couple of bottles which resemble 20 oz. Gatorade bottles, a couple of blast caps and an instruction sheet which says that I should fill the bottle with 18 oz. of water, insert a blast cap, press down on the cap to blast the Yoli Blast Cap into the water, then close the container with the sports top lid and shake the beverage to mix it. The instructions also say that for best results the blasted beverage should be consumed within two hours of the blasting process. I’m assuming that’s to ensure the nutrients get consumed before the water has had a chance to start degrading the nutrients.

The Yoli Truth drink, which is what they are calling this first flavor they’ve introduced, was quite decent tasting, with a very citrus like flavor. It definitely tasted like something I’ve had before, but I can’t quite figure out what other product I’ve tried that tasted like this. I’m sure the other product was probably loaded with sugar and no where near as loaded on the nutrients. The Yoli Truth drink went down smoothly. I’m not sure I felt any significant difference in my energy level after having it, but I did think it was an acceptable tasting drink but it certainly wasn’t a light shining down from heaven to the chorus of angels kind of experience the Yoli website seems to be implying it would be by removing the inherent problems associated with beverage production.

For what it is, I think Yoli Truth is a good product. The product is loaded with good ingredients free of artificial ingredients. It’s sweetened in a natural and healthy sugar free way and the fact that it is packaged separately from the water, allows it to maintain full potency in ways that the current beverage products on the market can’t compete. Despite these benefits, I’m not without a few complaints.

My first major complaint about the product is that the only way to get it is though Multi-Level Marketing distributors. Yoli is essentially the same as Avon, Amyway, Melaleuca, and others. The only way to get it is through distributors, you won’t find it anywhere in stores. While I seriously contemplated joining Yoli before writing this blog entry, ultimately I decided against it based on several past experiences with other Multi-Level Marketing companies. It didn’t matter how much I liked the products of the companies I’ve signed up with in the past, I was never able to convince others to have the same vision and appreciation of the company’s program and products as I had. I’ve been burned way too many times that I just don’t want any part of any Multi-Level Marketing company ever again.

My next major complaint is that I think I think it’s too expensive. Checking out the Yoli site, regardless of whether you choose to be a distributor or “preferred customer” the blast caps work out to about $2.50 a piece. You initially have to order some bottles too to be compatible and that’s just more added expense making it about $4-$5 per bottle initially. Granted the bottles are reusable and once you have some bottles, you’ll only need to buy blast caps. And according to the information sheet enclosed with my samples, they recommend having up to four blast caps per day, which works out to $10 a day just for the blast caps not including initial bottle purchases. And if you want to get Yoli for your entire family and supply them with the maximum number of Yoli drinks per day, you have to multiply that $10 per day by the number of people in your family. Any way you stretch it, whether you do it once per day or four times per day, it’s a very expensive product.

Considering when you compare a single prefilled 20 oz bottle, to blast caps. You can fit approximately 10 blast caps in the same amount of space as 1 bottle and weighs considerably less, there’s a tremendous opportunity for extreme cost savings in its distribution. You can fit about 10 times more product in the same amount of space weighing a fraction of the weight. With the product being in a multi-level marketing program, I don’t see those cost saving benefits being passed on to the consumer, but rather being taken advantage of by the compensation plans.

And my last major complaint about the Yoli product is that it only comes in one flavor. More flavors are in the works, but at the moment, the only choice is a orange/citrus type flavor. While I do find it tasty, I would get bored with it quickly with only one flavor choice available.

The beverages of choice that I use currently on the Belly Fat Cure are Zevia soda, which are made of all natural ingredients. And I also use ZipFizz which is a product similar to Yoli, in that it’s basically a powdered energy drink, except instead of coming in a blast cap, it’s packaged in a slim plastic tube, that you just pop open and mix into water. Unlike Yoli, it contains ingredients that allow the ZipFizz to effervesce and essentially carbonates plain water. It too is sweetened with Xylitol, but comes in a variety of flavors, and if purchased at Costco or Sam’s Club, it can be purchased for about $1 a tube. Buying direct from ZipFizz costs a little more, but it’s at least available in retail stores so it can be a bit more convenient to purchase and it doesn’t require any special bottles to use the tubes, any ordinary glass will do.

Granted ZipFizz does not contain the same ingredients as Yoli, but for my money, I think ZipFizz is the better deal. I think if Yoli opted to get retail distribution and was able to come down in price, I would gladly recommend it. It’s a great product and has a lot of great ingredients in it that are all fantastic, but I really don’t like the Independent Distributor business model. As amazingly healthy the product is, I don’t see myself ever being willing to spend more than double the price of ZipFizz which is cheaper and easier to get and comes in more flavors. And I did learn about ZipFizz from Jorge Cruise while taking part in his Belly Fat Cure program.

However, if the sound of Yoli appeals to you, and you’d like to try it for yourself, than I would strongly recommend you purchase Yoli through Kristen Sherlock. She was very kind in supplying me with samples of Yoli to try. She even arranged an opportunity for me to talk with one of the company founders on the phone. The folks at Yoli definitely strike me as good people and they do have a great product, and I certainly would encourage people to give it a try. Perhaps I’m missing the boat on a great opportunity here to join Yoli in its early stages, but I personally just can’t get past my previous bad experiences with Multi-Level marketing companies to want to join up myself. However, it might be the kind of opportunity you’re looking for and Kristen Sherlock is the one I recommend talking to. You can visit Kristen’s Yoli site at



4 thoughts on “New Product Yoli Hopes To Transform Beverage Market”

  1. Ryan,

    I want to thank you for the thorough review on both the liquid beverage industry, and the solutions Yoli has for the consumer’s health, the environment, and their wallet.

    To inform your readers, the second Yoli beverage, called FUN, will arrive on the market in Spring 2010. FUN is not only endorsed by Olympic Athletes Carl Lewis and Bryan Clay, but was formulated under their guidance. Fun will provide optimum performance for an athlete at any level, and still maintain a higher standard for quality (no sugar, no additives).

    A lot of good people are joining with us in Yoli (it might be because of the product, or because of the revolutionary BREAK EVEN BONUS)… which is why I HAD to contact you.

    Should you or readers ever want to contact me, feel free to email or 801-953-1888.


    Kristen Sherlock

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for the update on Yoli Fun, I’m sure it’ll be a great addition to Yoli Truth.

    I definitely think people should try Yoli and see if they like it, and they should definitely get it through you Kristen. I do appreciate you’re efforts to seek me out.


  3. Good review, except one piece of information is incorrect. Good Manufacturing Practices per the FDA require that the actual nutrient values be at the label’s stated level or higher at the expiration date of the product, not the manufacture date. So manufacturers are required to put more vitamins in the product than the label states, so that as they break down the measured amount would be at least what the label says as of the expiry date. If you understand how to read the dates on package labeling, you can see how close to the manufacture date the product is. The closer to the date, the higher the extra amount of vitamins will be.

  4. Hi Jim,

    Thank you very much for the clarification. That’s good to know that the nutritional benefits labeled are being delivered and in a lot of cases better than labeled due to consumption being nearer to the manufacturing date than the expiration date.


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