My New Favorite Burger From In-N-Out’s Secret Menu

in_n_out_double_lettuce_wrapI’d like to introduce you to my new favorite hamburger from In-N-Out Burger. It is called a “Double Meat Protein Style With Ketchup, Mustard, & Pickles” and it’s from In-N-Out Burger’s “Secret Menu.”

For those not familiar with In-N-Out Burger, they are a chain of fast food restaurants that started out at roughly the same time as the McDonald Brothers opened their first hamburger stand. Both companies started out very similar, but how they proceeded into the future from there is about as different as they come. Unlike McDonald’s, In-N-Out Burger is a family run company, they do not have any shareholders, and they do not franchise any of their locations. Being a smaller company that focuses on quality, they’ve only expanded their reach California into the neighboring states of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. And they’ve achieved such a cult like status that their burgers are often considered a Southern California delicacy.

Additionally, their menu has remained virtually unchanged since the company first opened its doors. Their burger selection is a choice of three, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and their signature sandwich, the “Double Double” which is a double cheeseburger with two slices of cheese. They also offer French Fries, and the traditional fare of beverage choices, sodas, coffee, teas, lemonades, and milkshakes made from real ice cream. The company prides itself on the fact the company doesn’t own a single freezer ensuring nothing but fresh products. In fact, their French Fries are sliced and diced in the store from real potatoes.

In addition to the posted menu, In-N-Out has a secret menu where you can truly customize every part of your order from special kind of burgers to even the ability to how you want your fries prepared and milkshakes made. Most of the variations come from how a burger is prepared. A detailed guide to the various types of orders that can be made that won’t cause any of the employees to bat an eye at can be found here at

I was a little hesitant to try off the custom menu as the Double Double is just a wonderful double cheeseburger that’s not easy to be improved upon, but surprisingly I’ve now found my new favorite burger. I elected to get what basically works out to be a Double Double without the cheese, and instead of a bun, I have them wrap it in lettuce (this is what they call “protein style” on the secret menu) and I had them replace the spread (which is basically Thousand Island salad dressing) with ketchup and mustard, and I had them add pickles (which are only available by request). As featured in the photo, a slice of onion is between the patties, this is the one topping of the burger that is always asked if the guest wants it, so I didn’t have to request it. But I did have the option of having the onion grilled or chopped, but I usually like the standard raw option.

And wow, this was just an amazing burger. I thought I might miss the bun, but to be honest, I didn’t. The lettuce wrap just seemed to compliment the burger rather than detract from it. The burger was a little messy but the Double Double as it’s usually prepared tends to be a little on the messy side as well. My goal was to have a fairly healthy version of a burger and I think the mission was accomplished, I don’t think I’ll be going back to a standard burger at In-N-Out ever again.



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