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One of the unexpected surprises that lead to a brief hiatus here on Ryan’s Incredible World was that my roommates of the last couple of years had decided they wanted to get back to having their house to themselves. They are a married couple and I work with one of them at the casino on the same shift, so for the time I was there it worked out to be convenient for both of us to live in the same house and commute together to work since we worked in the same place. However, my roommates have decided that it was time to be on their own again and in mid January, I asked to find a new place to live and was given until the start of April to find a new place.

I initially wasn’t thrilled with the request, but my roommates reassured me that they felt I was the best roommate they had ever had, and the only reason they were asking was because they wanted to be on their own and have the house all to themselves again. They reassured me that it was not anything I had done and that they feel I’ve been the most considerate roommate they’ve ever had in their lives and I had been there the longest any roommate has ever stayed with them. When I originally moved in they envisioned my stay there being about two years, and I was there two and a half years. They have been the best roommates I’ve ever had as well and I look forward to continue having a great friendship with them well into the future.

I suppose it was time to move on, and while initially I was a little disappointed about being asked, I quickly viewed it as a great opportunity to move closer to my friends in San Diego. For the last couple of years, I’d seen my social circle shift vastly away from being mostly coworkers to now being actual friends that relate more to my interests outside of work. This seemed like as good an opportunity as ever to make the transition and move closer to my friends, although I was torn because the distance to work is now considerably further.

The place I ended up finding is more like my own studio apartment, however it’s really a converted garage that’s been transformed into a studio apartment that’s detached from the main house in a neighborhood near San Diego State University (where I graduated from). In a way it’s kind of the best of both worlds as I still have roommates, but do have considerably more privacy. One of the downsides of my previous living arrangements is that the room I was renting was not a proper bedroom but a self contained living room area so it had no proper closet to store clothing and my bathroom was clear on the other side of the house and I had to share it when there were other guests in the house. Those minor inconveniences are rectified in the new place, and on top of it I even have my own full size kitchen. The new kitchen is great considering the Belly Fat Cure has me buying more food and making my own meals more often than I used to before the program.

And the best part as far as the commute is concerned is that even though it’s a lot more miles, time wise, it’s actually only a couple minutes more as the previous location in Poway was on the back side of Poway very far from the highway. My new place is very close to the highway and I am on the Interstate within an minute of driving off from the new place. By the time I reach the same point on the highway where I used to get on the highway my commute has only been two minutes more as all the extra miles are all highway miles. This has actually resulted in my car getting better gas mileage on the commute as well.

However, what this move hasn’t been good for is accounting for the fact I used to carpool with my former roommate on average two nights a week which translates into one less trip I’d have to drive each week. While there are a couple other dealers in the area of my new place they have different start times from me which makes it less convenient to try and carpool. But I might be able to adjust my hours a couple nights a week to allow for some carpooling.

I do feel the move has been good and I really like the new place a lot. My new roommates have been great so far and I have great appreciation for my friends that helped assist me with my move to the new place. It’s been a great benefit to get to know the area since I moved in here the first week of March. I am enjoying the opportunity to explore the new neighborhood and spend more quality time with my friends now that I’m closer to them.



2 thoughts on “Moving From Poway To San Diego”

  1. Hi – found you through Amber and BFC.

    I really do think times like these are an opportunity even though they seem inconvenient and messy. I was recently fired, and though it sucked in the moment it’s been the best thing that could have happened. I hope you’re loving your new space. Congrats on all your BFC success!

  2. Hi Carbzilla,

    Thanks for finding my blog and I hope you are enjoying the information on here relating to the Belly Fat Cure and of course, anything else that peaks your interest.

    I am loving the new place. It’s great.

    Thanks for writing,


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