Making Homemade Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding HomemadeWhen I recently stopped at Major Market in Escondido to check their prices on some flavored extracts for my sugar-free Nanaimo Bars, I took the opportunity to browse the whole store. Major Market carries a lot of International foods and they carry a large selection of British foods. It also happens to be where I has previously purchased the Bird’s Custard Powder that is an essential ingredient for my sugar free Nanaimo Bar recipe. I happened to browse the frozen food section and saw they had some bags of imported Aunt Bessie’s Frozen Yorkshire Pudding.

I’ve only had Yorkshire Pudding one time in my life and that was in the home of my good friends Sara and Paul Russell when I spent a week in the United Kingdom in 2006. I thought they were amazing and I really liked them. But I’ve not had them since. Seeing the bag of Yorkshire Pudding in the store, reminded me of those tasty Yorkshire Pudding pastries that Sara had made during my visit. While looking at the bag in the store, I decided to use my cell phone and look up recipes for Yorkshire pudding to see if it was going to be easy to make or if I should just buy the overpriced bag of imported frozen ones.

From the recipes I saw, it looked like I wasn’t going to need to buy any ingredients at all. I already had flour, salt, eggs, milk, and some oil. Although my ingredients were organic soy flour, Pink Himalayan sea salt, free range eggs, unsweetened almond milk, and some olive oil. So I didn’t need to buy any ingredients, it seemed like it would be worth trying. So I left the frozen ones in the store and headed home with just the extracts I purchased for future Nanaimo Bar making.

The recipe was easy to follow and put together in the Kitchenaid Mixer. Some of the recipes I saw called for allowing the batter to sit for about half an hour before using it and others didn’t so I wasn’t sure how necessary that step was. I was using a stoneware muffin pan to make the recipe so the batter ended up sitting for longer than half an hour just waiting for the pan to heat the oil up enough to start filling the cups. I’m definitely buying a metal muffin pan the next time I’m out at Wal-Mart or Target because it seemed ridiculous to take that long to heat the pan.

The Yorkshire Puddings came out quite delicious but they didn’t quite rise as much as I was expecting. The centers did collapse like they are supposed to but didn’t quite create the deep wells like the frozen Aunt Bessie’s ones I saw in the store. I think it may be a symptom of the stoneware pan verses a metal one, but it could also be the ingredients. But in any case, they ended up looking like little muffins with slight impressions (as seen in the photo above).

I decided to make some brown gravy to top them with and used some of the brown gravy mix I bought a while ago from my local Costco. The last time I made the gravy I thought it was a bit runny so I decided to add some cornstarch to the mix but for some reason it didn’t seem to blend easily into the mix, so I ended up with thick and lumpy sauce with white nuggets of cornstarch that just wouldn’t come apart no matter how much I stirred it. So I’ll have to revise the gravy making process for future attempts but it tasted like gravy and when combined with the Yorkshire puddings it was delicious. I’m definitely going to have to make them again.

I used the following recipe but since I was only making a single pan worth of Yorkshire pudding (one dozen) I just halved the recipe.

Yorkshire Pudding Ingredients:
1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons water

Yorkshire Pudding Directions:
1. Heat oven to highest setting up to 450 degrees F.
2. Pour eggs and milk into mixing bowl and add salt. Wisk thoroughly.
3. Let stand 10 mins.
4. Add or Sieve the flour into the egg & milk mixture and wisk until lump free.
5. Leave batter for 30 mins.
6. Place 1/2 teaspoon of oil in muffin pan and heat in oven until smoking.
7. Give batter another wisk, add 2 tablespoons of cold water and fill each cup to 1/3 level.
8. Return pan to oven quickly and bake.
9. Let cook until golden brown approximately 20 mins.
Recipe makes enough for 24 Yorkshire Pudding muffins.



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