Losing A Little Weight & Finally It Shows

Ryan in Xanadu Hat - May 2, 2009It’s definitely a great feeling to take a few new photos to replace some of my older profile photos and actually see a little bit of a difference in terms of weight loss.

In the last two weeks I’ve been following a new program designed by Jorge Cruise, and I’ve already lost about 6 inches off my stomach. I’ve also managed to go down a size in both my uniform top and my pants for work. It’s taking a little getting used to the smaller pants and shirt because they don’t feel as roomy as my old ones were getting to be, but I’m liking it. Can’t wait until I’m trading these ones in for smaller ones as well.

The best part is I haven’t really had to buy any new clothes yet, because I’ve actually already got a bunch of relatively new clothing I’ve bought but because I didn’t like how they fit at time, they’ve sat in my closet waiting for the day I lose some weight and I can wear them. Well that day is finally here and it’s been fun feeling like I’ve got a whole new wardrobe that’s already sitting inside my closet.

The eating plan has been a big help. Sure it’s involved some big changes, but it’s introduced me to some new ways to minimize the feeling of change. Take for example, my roommate and I hit the grocery store this morning, and he bought a Boysenberry Apple Pie which has an amazing 39 grams of sugar per serving. I just bought a few ingredients and some Clemmy’s Sugar Free Vanilla Bean ice cream and then went home and made some home made sugar free brownies.

For a variation to the recipe, I chopped up a handful of raw macadamia nuts and mixed those right in, and baked up the sugar free brownies. Then once the brownies were done, I added some of that sugar free ice cream I bought and topped it with a little bit of Barlean’s Strawberry-Banana Flavored Omega Swirl Flax Seed Oil, I had a healthy and delicious alternative to my roommate’s pie and my dessert had not a single gram of sugar per serving.

Ryan in Xanadu Hat - February 13, 2009It’s been a good program for me so far and I want to keep the momentum going and I’m still doing my running program on the treadmill in addition, so hopefully the pounds will keep falling off. To see a little bit of the difference I’m including an older profile picture from February, long before the program started. To keep it similar I made sure both photos had the same Xanadu cap on that my good friend Paula Small got for me when I took her to see Xanadu at the La Jolla Playhouse the day after Christmas. So I think there’s some progress visible, but maybe it’s just me.

In any case, to learn more about what I’ve been doing, just point your web browser over to Jorge Cruise’s website at JorgeCruise.com and enter your email address and he’ll send you a free report to describe his Belly Fat Cure program. It’s a good way to get a look at the program before his book on it comes out at the end of the year.



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