Live Jorge Cruise Event Brings Face To Face Meeting Of Bloggers

When I was asked to be an evaluator of the first paid Belly Fat Cure coaching group as someone who’s been in the program and had great success with it, the last thing I expected to happen was to actually make some new friends in the process. I wasn’t really looking to have regular interaction with any of the folks in the program, just serve as an independent observer lurking in the shadows. However, one of those clients, Amber, who had started a blog entitled, “Me & Jorge” to document her journey through the Belly Fat Cure coaching program, reached out to me as a fellow blogger and the rest is as they say, history.

Amber initially was very shy about photographs, so I didn’t know what she looked like until well into the coaching program. This reminded me of my early days in my blogging as the program was at that point, still a work in progress and I wasn’t quite sure what I could share or not share on my blog about the program. I worked around it by always pointing people to the free report that was available on at the time so that those who wanted more program specific details could download what Jorge was freely making available and just recap what had been working for me. I was very careful to leave out more specific details that were not yet available to the public.

In any case, Amber was also very proactive within the coaching group inviting people to chat using Twitter during the weekly Internet broadcasts. She extended the invitation to me so I decided I would come check it out and had a great time chatting with the folks who had elected to participate. Additionally Amber, initiated a recipe exchange for Thanksgiving where participants were invited to post a recipe they were doing to make their Thanksgiving meals more Belly Fat Cure compliant. I’m not much of a cook, but I managed to come up with a recipe to contribute as well.

As the coaching program came to an end, there was mention of a “Spring Event” Jorge Cruise would host that the coaching program members would be invited to attend here in San Diego. Specifics weren’t yet settled at that point so that was the last we heard of it for a while, but the intention was that those of us in Amber’s Twitter chat group would attend and meet in person for the first time at the live event.

The announcement of the Spring event didn’t occur until about a month before the event would take place, for some that was not sufficient notice time to be able to make to the event. Jorge also opened the event to some of his other clients from more recent coaching programs and of course, I too soon received an invitation to attend. Amber definitely was coming to the event, so I knew I would have a good chance to meet up with her in person. A couple of the others I regularly chat with via Twitter couldn’t make it, so it looked like it was just going to be Amber and I from our little weekly Twitter chat group that would be in attendance.

As this weekend finally arrived, there was a two hour social event and I really wasn’t planning on being able to make it to that since I was supposed to be attending Disneyland with some local friends, but thanks to their cancellations, that freed me up to do Disneyland a day early and be available for the social event afterall. I made it to the hotel, and didn’t really know anyone outside of Jorge’s staff members and even though a sheet of paper inviting us to go meet new people and exchange contact information was handed out, I was truly only interested in meeting my friend Amber for the first time in person.

I was initially unable to find Amber, and then the introductory presentation by Jorge commenced and about midway through it, I finally spotted Amber and as soon as the presentation was completed, I was finally able to say hello to and meet the lovely Amber. It was so nice to finally meet Amber in person, as I truly think she’s done a remarkable job with her Me & Jorge blog and it is a fantastic resource for people interested in the Belly Fat Cure. It serves as a fantastic testimonial to the program and one of the few blogs I can say I wholeheartedly recommend. She was excited to meet me as the person she considers the original Belly Fat Cure blogger. I’m not so sure I’ll be so bold as to say it, but in any case, I was flattered my blog was an inspiration to her and her blog has become one for me as well.

Before the social event of the evening was up, Amber and I wrangled up Jorge long enough to have him pose for a couple of photographs of the three of us, one of which was for my camera and serves as the photo above. Many thanks to Jorge Cruise and his Belly Fat Cure program for introducing me to a great new friend. And to celebrate our in person meeting we went out to dinner following the social event at the nearby Corvette Diner. Although it was a little louder than expected in there, it was a fun venue to get to know Amber a little better and to get ready for Jorge’s new “Fast Track” program he was going to be sharing the following morning.



2 thoughts on “Live Jorge Cruise Event Brings Face To Face Meeting Of Bloggers”

  1. Thanks Ryan! It was really great to meet you too! And you are “The Original BFC Blogger” for certain! Love your blog, keep up the great work. Til next time!

  2. Hi Amber,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your friendship that we’ve developed through Jorge’s program. It was a great pleasure to meet you in person and it’s an honor to be your friend.


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