KFC Grilled? – Kentucky Fried Chicken Goes Grilled

KFC Grilled ChickenI recently took an opportunity to try Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new Grilled Chicken, and was absolutely amazed at how incredibly good it was. Part of the reason for giving it a try is because of the running program I have been doing since the start of December and I was tired of fixing my own meals. I needed a little break from the routine.

I occasionally like to have a meal at KFC about once every two to three months and so this time instead of having the Original Recipe Chicken as a guilty pleasure. I decided to get the Grilled Chicken meal and replace the standard sides with corn on the cob and baked beans for as reasonably healthy a meal as possible.

The meal was really, really good. I was expecting the chicken to be dry, but it was quite the opposite, it was very juicy and flavorful. It tastes nothing like the Original Recipe Chicken, as the chicken isn’t breaded. According to a press release regarding the Grilled Chicken, the chicken (in marketing speak) “is marinated and seasoned with a savory blend
of secret herbs and spices and then grilled to juicy perfection.” I’m sure probably the same herbs and spices they have in their secret recipe are used on the chicken, but they’re put right on the chicken itself. It was amazing. The corn on the cob was also delicious, I haven’t had corn on the cob in years, it tasted incredibly fresh and was so hot in the foil wrap. I’m not usually a fan of beans, but the baked beans were a great addition to the meal that tasted good too. It tasted too good to be a healthy meal.

Using a calorie calculator, based on the information found on KFC’s Grilled Chicken at The Daily Plate in combination with the iPod/iPhone application “Lose It!”, a grilled chicken plate with a leg and a thigh as well as baked beans and corn on the cob with a 20 oz. Diet Pepsi clocks in at 548 calories, as opposed to the 1,109 calories found in the fried chicken version (leg and thigh) with the mashed potatoes (with gravy) and coleslaw and a 20 oz. Mountain Dew. Surprisingly, the bulk of the calories in the grilled chicken meal comes from the baked beans (282 calories verses the 108 for the mashed potatoes). In terms of fat grams, the grilled chicken plate measures in at: 15 grams (6 grams from saturated fat) and the fried chicken plate at: 50 grams (12 grams from saturated fat). That’s a 49.4% reduction in calories, a 30% reduction in fat grams and 50% reduction in saturated fat. Not bad for a fast food meal.

When I went to KFC’s website to look up the information on their grilled chicken verses their fried chicken and it seems that KFC hasn’t published the information yet because the Grilled Chicken is not yet available on a nationwide scale. For the time being, it’s being test marketed in Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville (Florida) and Austin (Texas). It’s expected to have a nationwide roll out in early 2009 according to the press release. If you live in one of these cities or are visiting one soon, definitely take a chance and check it out.

I’m just sorry I didn’t try the chicken sooner because I’ve been hooked on it. Since trying it, I’ve actually stopped at KFC to grab a bucket of grilled chicken once every week to two weeks where I’ve been able to get a $10 bucket with enough chicken to last four meals. With chicken that tastes this good and is this reasonably healthy, why bother making it yourself? I do have to laugh at the slogan on the lid to the bucket, “The Only Grilled Chicken That’s Bucket Worthy.”

Thank you Kentucky Fried Chicken for introducing a great tasting grilled chicken product that I don’t have to feel guilty enjoying.



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