Jorge Cruise Presents New Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Program

On May 1st, Jorge Cruise introduced a bunch of his clients former and present know about a brand new version of the Belly Fat Cure, which he is calling the “Fast Track” version of the program. While I can’t get into the specifics of the details of the program until he launches a more public announcement for the program, what I can say is that the program was developed to be as a super turbo charged version of the program that in the San Diego test case group he’s been trying it out with for the first last two weeks, the results have been astonishingly good.

Some of the benefits of the new Fast Track program is that it eliminates the need to use any specialty products, which a lot of people seemed to feel Jorge’s New York Times Bestselling book, “The Belly Fat Cure” mentions as options to use but doesn’t state they are required to be used. Also the having to track sugar and carbohydrates also gets eliminated in the program making it very easy to follow. Additionally, the menu plan is very simple as all the meals are designed to be put together very quickly and easily with little to no effort. No complicated recipes, no specialty products, and no tracking. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

From the words of Jorge’s clients that have been trying out the program, it’s very effective, and extremely fast in delivering the results. Most clients are able to lose between 15-20 pounds in the first two weeks alone. Most are also finding themselves with tremendous amounts of energy they never knew they had, and those that had previously had insomnia or unable to sleep for extended periods of time, are now able to sleep a healthy deep sleep without any artificial aids and are feeling more rested and energized from the sleep they’re getting.

Stay tuned to as more details will be coming soon as Jorge gets ready to present the program to the public. I’m excited about the results the test group have been seeing and believe it or not, nearly all Jorge’s staff are following the program as well and finding some really great results in their own lives. I’m going to try it out as well, but still working on using up some of the last items that aren’t on the plan so I don’t have to throw them out before I do join the plan. I will let you folks know here when I start and how I do.



7 thoughts on “Jorge Cruise Presents New Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Program”

  1. Ryan, I went to Books-A-Million today to buy the new fast
    track book and they told me it would not be out until
    December. Is that a true story?

  2. I currently have the Fast Track diet and can’t wait to start. I’ll actually be starting tomorrow.

    I have a friend that’s been on it for three weeks and she’s lost 25 lbs with no working out (outside of walking to and from her car at work).

    It is very simple and seems like it will work. I have 20-25 lbs to lose myself but I also have a personal trainer.

    Thanks for your blog.

  3. Hi Gerald,

    Sorry for the long delay in response. It was originally scheduled to be published and released in December 2010, but the last I heard it got pushed back into 2011, however, I am unable to locate it’s listing on Amazon to give you the new date for it’s scheduled release. I do not know when it gets released now.


  4. Hi MJ,

    Thank you for your comments on my blog and I apologize I wasn’t able to thank you in a more timely manner. I hope that the program has brought you much success in your weight loss goals. The program is indeed simple and you definitely have your friend’s success as a motivator to help you stay on track and succeed. It’s best to probably work with your friend as an accountability buddy so that you both can support each other through the program.

    To your success.


  5. I tried to order the “Fast Track” book from Books a Million and they tell me it won’t be released for over a year from now.(NOV. 2011) What’s the deal? Why would you advertise a book a year in advance??? I cancelled my order. Now, where can I get the book within the next few weeks? People on this site say they already have it. What is going on here?

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Apologies on the delay, I have been unavoidably been forced to spend time away from my blog and could not get to your question sooner.

    It looks like the release date for the “Belly Fat Cure Fast Track” book has been moved to September 2011. I am not sure what the reason is for the delay as I know it was originally supposed to be out around December 2010. I originally posted the blog as the book was announced and was taking orders at Amazon at the time I wrote the original blog post, but for some reason the book has been delayed. I know the delay can be very frustrating especially when you want the information right away, but I know Jorge’s group is making sure the book will be the best it can be in the extra time it’s been delayed.

    As for people already having it, Jorge has released some information on the Fast Track program but not the whole book’s worth of material as of yet. When I got introduced to it, it was a primarily a two page handout offering a single day’s worth of meals suggestion and a test case group of people here in San Diego were going through the program and experiencing really amazing results with it. I’m sure the book will be well worth the wait but if you feel you can’t wait, you may want to try and contact Oliver at Jorge’s organization who may be able to assist you with some information before the book does get released.


  7. I just paid to sign up for your program, but don’t know if I registered correctly. I wanted the program where you give menu plans and different options. None of the dining out places on which you told how to order are around here. How about McDonalds, Wendy’s or Subway?

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