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Auntie MameLast night I attended another “Economy DVD Night” get together at the apartment shared by my friends Mike Yada and Jeffrey “J.P.” Pohlmann. About 15 of us or so showed up for the get together. The movie of the evening was “Auntie Mame” starring Rosalind Russell, the 1958 film based the original stage play, not the 1974 movie musical version entitled “Mame.”

I’ve not seen either film before, but apparently the musical version on film is referred to as an abomination by one of our hosts of the evening and the movie was not allowed to be mentioned. Apparently that’s due to Lucille Ball in the title role. Despite the ban on the subject, following the movie we viewed the trailers for both films as they were both on the DVD as extras. It was discussed that the musical version definitely had some good songs and of course, Bea Arthur. Maybe if they had gotten Angela Landsbury from the Original Broadway cast of the musical version it wouldn’t have been so derided. I have the Original Broadway cast album for it, and I quite like the banter between Angela and Bea. Might just have to give it a rent to see how bad it really is.

In any case, the movie Auntie Mame was amazing. Rosalind Russell certainly was larger than life in the role of Mame. She owned the screen every second she was on it. I was highly amused by the end of the scenes where the lights dropped out except to have a spotlight on Rosalind. Definitely a technique not seen anymore in modern movies. The film was loaded with some classic lines I can see why the film has survived and is still beloved by many today, even by those whose parents still weren’t a sparkle in their grandparent’s eyes at the time of the original release of the film.

I really enjoyed being introduced to the movie, the movie was fantastic and probably one I’ll add to my collection at some point. I looked, Netflix carries it on their instant viewing streaming option so I can watch it anytime on my Netflix box. If you’ve never seen the movie then its well worth checking out. Perhaps even learn that life is a banquet in which most people are starving.



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  1. Hi Karen,

    Yeah, you’ll probably love it. But then again, sometimes you always love the first version you see of something and anything else just seems terrible. You’ll probably be waiting for them to break out into song and it doesn’t happen in Auntie Mame. But it’s a great movie and surprisingly 2 & 1/2 hours long. Older movies aren’t usually that long, but it stays interesting. You may even want to do a free trial of Netflix on the link in the blog entry above, you could watch it online through instant streaming tonight. or if you’re already a member of Netflix, it’s free to watch right away.


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