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Wind Turbines Fill The Palm Springs Valley

As I was departing Palm Springs, following the amazing concert by Arrival, the world’s best ABBA Tribute Band, one of the things I was amazed to see when I got closer to the Interstate was the amazing sea of wind turbines out in the Palm Springs Valley. This amazing “crop” of machines are using the natural wind power of the valley to generate electricity.

I haven’t the slightest idea how many of these wind turbines are out there, but I was certainly very impressed. The wind seemed ever present in my brief stay in the Palm Springs area and the Interstate 10 just seemed to be a wind corridor, a perfect place for all the turbines, and since the town is built away from the Interstate highway, it’s a perfect place. I’m sure the winds get quite strong out there as there were a few times where I felt like my car was going to get blown off the road and I’m sure that was considered quite mild out there. I would guess those wind turbines are more than enough to generate the electricity necessary for the Palm Springs Valley.

When Meter Maids Attack

Would you believe my car was tagged for a ticket in this exact spot shown in the photograph? (This photo is not from when the citation was issued but from when I next had the opportunity to park in the same spot the citation was issued.) My alleged violation was I was parking on a “hill” and didn’t have my wheels crimped to the curb. It sounds to me more like it was a meter maid with a bug up his or her butt.

The ticket for the violation is $47, and to me that just sounds like extortion, so I’ve elected to challenge the citation and submitted the photo of my car in this position as it was when the citation was issued. I looked up the law cited, but it doesn’t specify exactly how much of an incline is required before it’s classified as a hill. This just strikes me as ridiculous as clearly there’s no chance in hell of my vehicle rolling from this position as there is only the slightest of incline to where the vehicle is parked.

Now, like all things its the waiting game for the behemoth of government to review the photo and my complaint and decide if this is a violation. And just to spite the bastard of a cop I’ve made sure every time I park in this spot again to crimp the wheels just in case the bloody bastard makes their way through the neighborhood again. Personally I think I should have the opportunity to challenge the cop in person and if they lose make them pay me the value of the ticket for the inconvenience they’ve caused.

Moving From Poway To San Diego

One of the unexpected surprises that lead to a brief hiatus here on Ryan’s Incredible World was that my roommates of the last couple of years had decided they wanted to get back to having their house to themselves. They are a married couple and I work with one of them at the casino on the same shift, so for the time I was there it worked out to be convenient for both of us to live in the same house and commute together to work since we worked in the same place. However, my roommates have decided that it was time to be on their own again and in mid January, I asked to find a new place to live and was given until the start of April to find a new place.

I initially wasn’t thrilled with the request, but my roommates reassured me that they felt I was the best roommate they had ever had, and the only reason they were asking was because they wanted to be on their own and have the house all to themselves again. They reassured me that it was not anything I had done and that they feel I’ve been the most considerate roommate they’ve ever had in their lives and I had been there the longest any roommate has ever stayed with them. When I originally moved in they envisioned my stay there being about two years, and I was there two and a half years. They have been the best roommates I’ve ever had as well and I look forward to continue having a great friendship with them well into the future.

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Back From Hiatus

Thank you to my many loyal blog readers for your patience during the an unexpected hiatus from being able to update this blog as I would have liked. Life suddenly got busy and a little complicated and time just didn’t seem to be available.

Some of the reason for the hiatus was due to a change in residence. I recently moved, and I’ll be exploring a little bit more about that in a separate post. Additionally, I was also asked by Jorge Cruise to join his team of experts on the Belly Fat Cure to assist with his online coaching program that began in March. So with moving and helping answer questions in regards to the Belly Fat Cure program, I was just too busy to maintain my blog.

In any case, things have settled down, and I am back, and what better way to get back into it by taking part in another one of Connie Ragen Green’s 30 Day Blogging challenges. For more information on Connie Ragen Green’s Blogging Challenge, click here. Continue reading Back From Hiatus

Christmas 2009 With The Family

Christmas 2009 was special in many ways this year. First off my mom and dad were in their new house in Temecula. Also this year my brother and his wife came out from Nashville to spend Christmas here in Southern California. And my grandfather on my mom’s side also came down from Calgary to spend the holidays here. It’s first Christmas in a while that many of us have been together.

My parents’ new home in Temecula looked great with my mom’s Christmas decorations. Some of the things that weren’t yet finished when I last visited at Thanksgiving were finally done such as the backspashes in the Kitchen. The cabinet doors for the cupboards in the kitchen were finally back with the center sections of them cut out and glass inserted to replace the wood removed. The old iron bed frame that was in the lower level guest room had been completely repainted to a metallic grey color and the new mattresses for both the lower level guest room as well as the upstairs bedroom had arrived. About the only thing that still hadn’t arrived yet were the blinds for all the windows.

I came over on Christmas Eve to take my dad and grandpa to the Xanadu production in Costa Mesa. This gave my mom some time to do some errands without my dad and grandpa in her hair. My brother and his wife were arriving late Christmas Eve and I since I had to work I decided to stay over at my folks place, go to work, and then return to my folks place first thing in the morning after work. I had volunteered to have my schedule changed at work in order to work Christmas Eve so that my usual night off could be given to someone on the shift with kids. As I’ve gotten older it’s become less important to enjoy Christmas morning at the earliest possible moment, it doesn’t make much difference to me if the festivities begin at 6 am, 8 am, or 10 am when I’d be back from work. Small kids on the other hand, every extra hour they’d have to wait for mom or dad to come home from work would feel like an eternity so I didn’t want to deprive one of my co-workers from the chance to spend an early morning Christmas with their kids.

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My Semi-Annual Dental Cleaning

I just had my six month visit to the Dentist and I unfortunately have to report I have a cavity that needs to be filled. I’m not exactly looking forward to that as the process is never fun, but I suppose all in all it’s not too bad, I didn’t get my first cavity until well into my twenties. I think I was more traumatized by my first cavity where I had to cope with the fact my teeth were no longer perfect. I wasn’t too happy about that as I always had great teeth so I never really worried about it.

I then got a couple more cavities a couple of years later, and those ones were completely preventable on my part. I just have always been really stubborn about not liking to floss regularly so those cavities I’d formed were on the sides of my teeth right where they met up with my next tooth, so they were preventable, I just have a real problem getting into the habit of flossing daily. So I settled for doing it about once or twice a week. And that’s worked pretty well for the last few years. So when I went into the dentist for my routine cleaning this week I really wasn’t expecting to hear I had another cavity. Oh well, what can you do about it. So I’ll be going back into the Dentist to have that filled in mid January.

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Looking For An Ugly Sweater Turns Up Déjà Vu Instead

Poway Salvation Army Light FixtureThis weekend I am attending an Ugly Sweater Party where the theme essentially is to find the ugliest sweater possible and wear that to the party. I saw a rather terrible sweatshirt at Rite Aid, but I thought maybe there might be something at the local thrift store that would be even more hideous and possibly cheaper.

I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift store in Poway and they didn’t seem to have much selection of sweaters or even sweatshirts. They certainly had an abundance of ugly clothes but not the type I was looking for. About the most hideous sweatshirt I could find was a red sweatshirt that had this horrible print of a field of sunflowers on it. It would have been perfect, except for the fact it was a size small sweatshirt. It was completely revolting and probably would win the contest, but it’s too small to wear. I know I’ve lost weight this year, going down from wearing 3XL down to a plain XL, but small is still too small for me.

In my disappointment I turned to leave but ended up finding the light fixture pictured at the top of this blog entry. It looks identical to the lighting fixtures that were originally installed in the home my parents just sold less than a month ago. It’s quite possible this light fixture in the thrift store was one of the light fixtures that had once hung in the home I lived in. My folks had replaced those light fixtures several years ago and I know that when my mom does get rid of things, she usually donates them to the Salvation Army. She usually calls them up and they come to collect the stuff, where it goes beyond there, is anyone’s guess. I just found it strange to be in the Poway Salvation Army Thrift store and unexpectedly see a fixture that possibly once belonged to my parents.

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Thanksgiving At My Parents’ New Home

Mom's New HouseI got to have my first look the new house my parents moved into in Temecula, California on Thanksgiving. I was a little sad to see the old house in the process of being packed up and ready to go last week when stopped by. (Click here to read about that visit.) But I was excited to see the new house even though it’s considerably further away from where I’m currently living.

My first look at the house wasn’t actually when I drove up, when I got the e-mail from my mother with the new address, I checked it out on Google’s maps using the street view feature. The photo was not unlike the one I took that’s shown above. The house is definitely bigger than the older house and as my mom tells me, it’s approximately 1000 square feet bigger than the old house, but because lacks the same level of storage space of the old house. Understandable considering the old house, my folks had “California Closets” installed in all the closets to maximize the closet spaces and a full set of storage cabinets inside the garage. The new house has just the bar to hang clothes in the closets and from what my folks told me, the garage wasn’t even drywalled when the bought the house. So eventually the closets will get transformed into California Closets and cabinets added to the garage, but it’s not a priority.

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America Needs To Lighten Up And Get A Sense Of Humor

Mr. T SnickersWhile this is technically old news, I just heard about it for the first time today through an article relating to advertising considered to be offensive. The commercial in question here that I am writing about is what I found to be a hilarious commercial for Snickers candy bars that uses Mr. T to poke fun at the supposed lack of masculinity when it comes to speed walking.

The commercial was widely regarded in the humorous spirit the ad was intended to be viewed. According to the Advertising Standards Authority of the UK the ad barely ruffled feathers and a spokesperson for Mars, the parent company of Snickers candy bars, the ad was meant to be funny and was positively received in the UK. If the commercial is designed to be funny and the intended audience of the commercial does find it funny, what is the controversy?

The controversy is that some American organizations took great offense to the commercial and have caused such a ruckus about it that Mars has opted to permanently retire the ad and no longer show it anywhere in the world. Keep in mind the commercial was made for the UK market, it wasn’t shown in the United States at all prior to the controversy. The parent company of the advertising agency responsible for the ad received an open letter challenging the ad in a US advertising industry title and the Human Rights Campaign declared the commercial offensive to the gay, lesbian, bi, transgender community by implying that the speedwalker was a homosexual and the attack on the speedwalker both verbally and with Snickers Bars being shot out of a machine gun, is essentially a hate crime.

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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

TaxesWith tomorrow’s deadline for taxes to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service (aka the dreaded IRS), I’m lamenting that I usually have my taxes done by now and the refund already long deposited in my account. This last year I started a business and have been getting my records ready for the itemized deductions. It’s been a long process that wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been putting it off. As Raymond Aaron, one of my mentors says, we only procrastinate on the things we don’t really want to do anyway. How true that is.

I’m almost done with my taxes and just looking forward to being done with it. I can’t wait for my refund but all the paperwork has to be completed first. So all my wonderful readers out there will have to make due with a shorter than usual post today. To those already done with their taxes, have a drink to celebrate and laugh at those of us who procrastinated.

My celebratory cocktail is being chilled as I type, so back to the taxes so can enjoy it later today.