Groceries & A Doctor’s Visit All In One?

Photo from the San Diego Union-Tribune For the last week I’ve had a sore throat and for the last couple of days it has blown into quite a painful experience. After deciding I’ve tried to ride it out long enough, I sought the best way to seek some medical attention. I didn’t feel like making an appointment with a doctor’s office that would take days before the doctor would have time to see me, and I didn’t feel it urgent enough to visit a hospital or urgent care center, so I thought I should check online to see what could be a step down from Urgent care that I could get in to see rather quickly.

In my search online I came across the Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) care group and a section of their website indicating they had a couple of retail based clinics operating inside a couple of local San Diego county Albertsons stores, called PPH Expresscare. They operate as a small clinic inside the grocery store as a way to bring more a-la-carte care to the community for both the insured and the uninsured at reasonable prices and more convenient hours than a traditional doctor’s office. As the clinic is part of the PPH group, if the care required for any services needs to be more involved than can be provided in the clinic, the patients can be referred to urgent care or hospital services elsewhere in the group.

Since one of the two PPH Expresscare locations was near where I was scheduled to have dinner with a friend, I went over to check it out and have my sore throat checked out. I was a bit concerned it might be strep throat by the severity of the pain while trying to swallow, and after I was quickly admitted and checked out by Registered Nurse on staff, it was determined that I had a sinus infection and was given a prescription for some antibiotics and some allergy medication designed to clear out my sinuses. The nurse also escorted me over to the pharmacy to show which over the counter medications I could use with the antibiotics.

The best part of the experience, my health insurance covered the entire cost of the visit, there was no co-pay, not even a co-pay on antibiotics prescription. Had I have not had insurance, the office visit would have been $59, a fairly reasonable fee to be checked out by a nurse and given a prescription for the treatment. I’m not sure what the antibiotics would have cost, but I was impressed with the ability to see a doctor, have the pharmacy on the other side of the clinic, and a full service grocery store all around both.

Check out the PPC Expresscare clinics on the web by clicking here. And click here to view a local story done on the same clinic I visited by 10 News, one of the local TV stations. You can see the clinic in the store as well as a look at the exam room I was in. Click here to access the San Diego Union-Tribune article from which the photo came.



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