Google Me – A Look Into One Man’s Experiences Googling Himself

Thanks to Netflix’s ability to stream movies directly to my television using their Instant Streaming technology, I took the opportunity to check out a really interesting documentary called, “Google Me.” The film is a look at what happened when Jim Killeen looked up his own name on Google and decided to see what would happen if he met the other people around the world who shared his name. The movie is a fascinating journey as Jim meets six other men named Jim Killeen from all walks of life.

What Jim found was more than six other Jim Killeen’s but was only able to get six of them to agree to meet with him and be interviewed on camera. Additionally he also asked each to submit to a DNA test so that ultimately it could be seen if any of the family blood lines for any of the men are related. What he found in his Google search ended up meeting an Irish Priest, a retired cop, a father of eight, a Scottish traffic engineer, a sexual swinger, and even an Australian CEO. As Jim gets to know each of these men, he becomes inspired to take it to the next level and not just have the experience of meeting the other Jim Killeens all to himself, he gets them all together and using Google, found the perfect place to do it, Killeen, Texas.

In the process of meeting these Jim Killeens and looking to create a film about the experience we also see Jim go through the trials and tribulations of securing permission from Google to do the film, and even teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and winning money on a poker circuit to be able to finish the film. Ultimately, this makes Jim Killeen a lot more of an every man as you can’t help but emphasize with him with every minor setback in the process and celebrating the triumphs as we discover how seven Jim Killeens from around the globe who most likely would never have met without a little search engine called Google.

I’m not sure I would personally have the courage to meet up with other Ryan Cameron’s but just doing a quick Google search for Ryan Cameron yields an Atlanta area disc jockey, a minor league baseball player in Massachusetts, a web/flash designer in Nova Scotia, a mail order record shop owner in Minnesota, a twenty-five year old in Ladera Ranch which somewhere in California and a nutty San Diego based Canadian blogger, and that’s just the first ten pages on Google. Granted I’m sure there’s more but nearly 90% of those links on the first ten pages all relate to the Atlanta based disc jockey. I suppose I should be thrilled my “Ryan’s Incredible World” makes the second page of the Google search so someone who might be looking for me will find me before giving up with all the DJ links.

In any case, the movie is a neat look at how seven guys named Jim Killeen got to know one another thanks to Google and got a chance to spend a little time with each other in a town called Killeen, Texas. Check it out if you get a chance. You can purchase the movie from Amazon by clicking here, or if you’re interested in instant access through Netflix, click here.



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