Get Your Mamma Mia! Korean Cast Album

Korean Mamma Mia Cast RecordingJoining the already existing official cast versions in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Swedish, Universal Korea has put out a cast album of the Korean language version. Like the Dutch and German cast recordings, this is taken from a live performance as opposed to a proper studio recording. I always find it interesting to get cast albums in other languages and this one has proven to be no exception. It’s yet another language to hear ABBA songs translated into.

Getting a copy of this recording has proven to be a little bit of a challenge, but some perseverance has paid off and not only have I found a retailer that will ship it internationally, they also have a very reasonable price for it. In fact, they didn’t even have it listed until I contacted them to see if they could get it. Once they checked with their suppliers to confirm they could get it, listed it and they have it available for $15.99 US with all sales in US Dollars (which is so low these days it’s great for others around the world to buy in US dollars.)

The cost for shipping is very reasonable at and there is even the ability to get free shipping if you order over a certain minimum purchase level (varies by destination country, see the links below for details.) They have two versions of the site, one for people in the US and Canada, and one for everywhere else in the world. If you’re interested in getting a copy of this cast recording for yourself, click here for the US & Canada ONLY or click here for everywhere BUT the US & Canada.



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