Get Your Junior’s Cheesecakes For $5 Off Before December 9th

Juniors Christmas CheesecakeJunior’s Cheesecakes make the best desserts and wouldn’t you love to share an amazing cheesecake with your family this holiday season? I would never have considered getting one myself without having gone to New York and tried a slice of Junior’s Sugar Free Cheesecake, it was so incredibly delicious that I ordered a whole cheesecake shortly after I returned home to San Diego.

Sure the cheesecakes aren’t cheap, but they taste incredible. For my Belly Fat Cure friends, Junior’s offers two cheesecake options that are okay to have on the Belly Fat Cure program. A Plain sugar free cheesecake and a sugar free cheesecake sampler. The sugar free cheesecakes are made with Xylitol, an all natural sweetener so you don’t have to worry about any of the toxic artificial sweeteners. While this does leave out the option of getting one of Junior’s more creative cheesecakes like the Christmas cheesecake pictured above, trust me you won’t be disappointed. It’s a special treat you’ll want to savor and it can be completely guilt free.

For those not looking to cut back on their sugar intake, Junior’s offers an amazing variety of cheesecakes that range from the plain to the ornate. Whatever suits your fancy, they have a cheesecake for it. There just is no comparison between a Junior’s cheesecake and a store bought one. If there’s one time to splurge on a better cheesecake its at Christmas time. Get one and you won’t believe how good it is.

To take advantage of the $5 discount, all you need to do is visit and place your order by December 9th and enter the promotional code HOLIDAY09 (all caps) when you check out or call 1 (800) 9-JUNIOR to place the order over the phone. You do not have to have them ship the cheesecake right away, you can request a shipment date closer to Christmas. Only the order needs to be placed by December 9th for the discount. Cheesecakes are shipped either overnight or by two day express. I live in San Diego and used the two day express option and my cheesecake arrived in perfect condition all the way from New York.

Trust me you won’t be disappointed with a Junior’s cheesecake. Whether you get a sugar loaded one or a sugar free one, you’re going to be amazed. Better yet order a sugar free one and don’t tell your family it is sugar free, they’ll never know unless you tell them.



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