Free Belly Fat Cure Audiobook Offer From Jorge Cruise Ends Tonight

Jorge CruiseIf you saw my blog entry on October 29th, 2009, then you saw Jorge Cruise is offering a free Audiobook download for his Belly Fat Cure book that will ultimately be coming out in stores right after Christmas. The offer was originally going just to people who pre-ordered three copies of his book, but he’s since extended the offer down to anyone who buys one copy of the book. All you have to do is pre-order it from any book store online or off, and e-mail a copy of the receipt to

To sweeten the deal for people purchasing three copies of the book, Jorge is adding more bonuses to to thank them for their purchases. In addition, to getting the audio download, people who purchase three copies of the Belly Fat Cure book also get a PDF of Chapter 2 of the book (this is the chapter that explains the program) and a video on how emotional eating effects can sabotage your ability to maintain or lose weight. But you have to act fast because Jorge Cruise is closing the opportunity to get the bonuses tonight at midnight in San Diego time.

If you want these bonuses, your best bet is to just purchase the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and just email the receipt each retailer sends you to confirm your order to Jorge at Whether you just get one copy of the book to get the Audiobook download (which will not be available to purchase separately) or three copies to get the Audiobook download plus a PDF of Chapter 2 from the book and a bonus emotional eating video. And Amazon has even lowered the price of the book down to $10.77, it’s a great bargain.

Here’s a video of Jorge Cruise outside of Macy’s in New York explaining the bonuses.

Steps to Get the FREE Audio Download From Jorge Cruise:
Buy the book here from Amazon: Click here OR
Buy the book here from Barnes & Noble: Click here THEN
Email a copy of your receipt to Jorge: Click here to email to



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