Food Lovers Fat Loss System Sounds A Lot Like The Belly Fat Cure

Food Lovers Fat LossIn addition to seeing the Speak & Spell when I was browsing through the channels, I also came across an infomercial for a weight loss program called “The Food Lovers Fat Loss System” by some mysterious guy named Robert Ferguson. I stopped to watch the infomercial out of curiosity to what the gimmick of diet program is. And from what I saw, it looks to me that the program is very similar to what I’ve learned on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program.

The infomercial claims that its possible to still eat all your favorite foods and do so in a way that makes it so that it will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. It then has some older lady with lesbian-esque spikey hair proclaims she can eat chocolate, pastas with cream sauces, pancakes, and has kept the weight off for over four years. My first thoughts were, yeah, all of those can be done on the Belly Fat Cure, but how can this lady have kept the weight off for four years if this a program that looks pretty new? Robert Ferguson then says you’ll eat so you’ll never be hungry, never have food you don’t like, and never deprive yourself of the foods you love.

The infomercial claims that Ferguson will teach you how to have your favorite foods “in a way that causes your body to lose weight.” Foods are broken down into three categories of food types, Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs, and Proteins. Fast carbs are described as being breads, pasta, wine, and sweets. Slow carbs being more more traditional vegetables. Proteins are your meats at least as they’re show in the infomercial. (Proteins aren’t specifically talked about but are shown on the ever changing plate they show with different foods.) The key being how your body metabolizes carbohydrates and through some magic combination of all three categories, it optimizes your glycemic profile turning your body from a fat storing to fat burning machine in just 21 days. (Other than the words “magic combination”, this is their marketing hype for the program, not my words.)

To me this is exactly like the Belly Fat Cure. In the Belly Fat Cure, you’re key is sugar grams and total carbohydrate servings. Like the Food Lovers Fat Loss, the proteins and they are kind of glossed over in the sense that they aren’t the type of food that are causing people to be fat. You can have proteins and be free of worry because they don’t need to be tracked unless they’re prepared in ways like honey baked. The true emphasis of both programs is the carbohydrates. What the Food Lovers Fat Loss singles out as “Fast Carbs” are mostly loaded with sugar items. Again, what was mentioned were breads, pastas, wine, and sweets, although most of these items are also high in carbohydrates too giving a double whammy of being high in sugar and high in carbs meaning these items should be minimized as much as possible. You don’t exclude them on the Belly Fat Cure, but you just have to limit your intake of them so that your whole meal doesn’t exceed 5 grams of sugar in a meal. The “Slow Carbs” being the more traditional vegetable sources are the kinds of carbs you want to have on the Belly Fat Cure as well, so here where you get your beneficial carbohydrates.

I love how the infomercial says you can eat your favorite foods “in a way” without specifically stating what that way is. They hint at it with saying your glycemic profile needs to be optimized (essentially meaning cut out the sugar!!) But they aren’t going to tell you that specifically until you shell out $120 plus another amount of money for shipping and handling (I’m guessing somewhere between $15-$30) for a kit that’s loaded with fancy printed brochures (basically the equivalent of a single book, but spread out so that all the various chapters become several smaller brochure size documents printed in full color on thick cardboard paper), a couple of CDs, and an exercise DVD, and a “Dextox” DVD set. So by the time you put the package together you’re spending easily around $150 for the system that can have the payments spread out over six months.

Or you can skip the fancy presentation, and go with Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure book. The book will be somewhere between $13-$20 depending on where you buy it (and you will have your choice of places to purchase it both online and off, such as, Barnes & Noble, and Costco.) The book essentially combines all the fancy brochures from the Food Lovers Fat Loss System into a single book. Don’t worry, none of the pages in the book will be in Black & White, it is a full color book. The Belly Fat Cure doesn’t need a separate “Detox” kit as the program is a detox from sugar program. And it doesn’t need a separate workout DVD as you don’t have to exercise to benefit from the program.

If you want to have additional workout information, you’re in luck because Jorge Cruise has written several books that have been New York Times Bestsellers on the subject over the last several years. His most recent book “Body At Home” comes in both book and DVD format. This particular book contains exercises designed to be done at home, without a gym. And it can be obtained inexpensively from your favorite online or offline book sellers. And Jorge Cruise, isn’t afraid to tell you the secret to the program is drastically reducing sugar intake before you invest any money in his book. Just visit and the video on the main page will tell you exactly what the secret to losing weight is.

As far as I’m concerned, the programs offer very similar information, if not identical. I know the Belly Fat Cure works as I’ve successfully lost 65 pounds on the program so far and it’s a lifestyle I am more than happy to adopt. Since the Food Lovers Fat Loss System seems to teach the same information, I would imagine it is also effective. But is the same information with the huge difference in cost?

I like the fact Jorge Cruise flat out tells you sugar consumption is the reason why people are fat. He doesn’t hide that information behind terms like “glycemic profile” which means absolutely to anyone who’s not at risk of or suffering from diabetes. Jorge will tell you that you can have your favorite foods if you have them without the sugar as opposed to Ferguson who will only show you that information after you shell out money for his program how to eat your favorite foods “in a way” that will make them fat burning.

The only way to get Ferguson’s information is through an expensive kit that you buy after seeing an infomercial directly from him, whereas Jorge Cruise’s book will be available in every major book store. The only disadvantage at the moment is Jorge’s book doesn’t come out until after Christmas. But if you pre-order 3 copies of the book and e-mail in a copy of the reciept to Jorge Cruise, he’ll send you a free Audio download to get you started right away. Information on that is deal is available by clicking here. At the current sale price at Amazon, that lets you get a copy and copies for two friends or family members for $40.38 which qualifies for free domestic shipping as well. Imagine that, getting the full Belly Fat Cure program for three people for 1/3 the price of one program of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. You could get 9 copies of the Belly Fat Cure for the same price as one Food Lovers Fat Loss System, maybe 2 or 3 more copies when you factor in the shipping cost.

I looked up Robert Ferguson on Amazon, and found the two books he’s written that were shown in the infomercial, the only book that has actual customer reviews is from 2003, and only had 17 reviews of it at the time I checked. And the review voted most helpful was the most negative review of all of the 17 reviews. You’d think a book that’s been published that long ago would have a lot more reviews. Click here to see Robert Ferguson’s “Fat That Doesn’t Come Back” book.

In any case, for programs that seem to be promoting what appears to be the same strategy, you’re better off going with Jorge Cruise. At least he tells you outright that his program is about cutting down sugar intake, he doesn’t hide that information like it’s some big secret. He’s also been a bestselling author several times over and genuinely wants to help you lose weight. At least the Belly Fat Cure book won’t rape your wallet like the Food Lovers Fat Loss System will.

Click here if you want to view the Food Lovers Fat Loss Sytem Infomercial.

Click heree to get Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure Book from Amazon.



4 thoughts on “Food Lovers Fat Loss System Sounds A Lot Like The Belly Fat Cure”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I’m one of the contestants…I mean clients…in Jorge’s Live Coaching Belly Fat Cure program. I saw the video of you and your blood. I’m not sure which was worse, seeing the blood get warped by sugar or watching you ingest all the junk they asked you to eat. I can no longer imagine putting all that stuff in my mouth anymore! Well, you took one for the team, as they say, and I got a lot out of the video. Thanks. 🙂

    I also saw some of your posts in the BFC blog, but didn’t realize it was “you.” I’m kinda excited today because my phone call to Jorge’s success hotline has been posted on his BFC blog! I’m the third audio file. I also saw my transcript on Jorge’s screen tonight in class, and noticed that they misspelled my name…Jenny, which is fairly common. Good thing, after all, that I repeated my given name so they have at least one of them correct. 😉

    Anyway, I suppose it’s most exciting to have lost 6# and 2+” in the last 2 weeks. I am not nearly as bad an emotional eater as I used to be, but when Jorge talked about it in tonight’s class I realized that emotional eating was exactly why I had been binging on cheese…and cream. I needed to put something in my mouth, and I was in control enough to avoid carbs. It’s a stop-gap measure at best, but it works. Tonight when I hit the string cheese, I realized what I was doing and noticed that even though one string is a full serving, I had eaten 2 and wasn’t feeling “full.” I guess that’s because I wasn’t actually hungry to begin with, just a bit stressed out. Hmmm, so much to think about.

    So how much more do you plan to lose, Ryan? I’m heading down to the low 150s, which means I need to lose another 42#. I lost some 20# from 2007-2008 using the 3-Hour Diet and the 12-Second Sequence, and managed to keep it off during 2008-2009. Thank heavens Jorge found out what our issues really are and put a plan together for us. Good luck! See you on the boards…


  2. Hi Ginny,

    I like how you put it, contestants. 🙂 Nice. Yes, I used to do that kind of sugar all the time so it was an interesting experiment to return to the “old habits” and definitely was reinforced through both the visual of what happened to my blood coupled with the monster headache as to why it was a good thing for me to get rid of sugar in my life. Although, in the video Jorge had me eat a Banana which is something I wouldn’t normally have done as I’ve never liked bananas. I told him, I was eating it just for him!! I’m glad you got a lot of value out the video, makes the sugar and that awful banana worth it.

    Yeah, I was honored to be invited in and I hope that my story can be an inspiration to those in the 12 week program. I’m glad to hear your testimonial so far has been posted to the site. The transcript was automatically generated by Google Voice, so it wasn’t a deliberate misspelling of your name. I’ve got a Google number as well and it does speech recognition to each voice message left and sends a transcript that it automatically generates along with the audio file. And let’s just say it leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s a cool new technology. No human actually transcribed your testimonial, it was automatic.

    That is fantastic that you’ve lost 6 pounds and 2 inches so far, that is great progress. I will admit I used to be an emotional eater too, but haven’t been for a while now. I guess you could say I’ve come to terms with some of the source of that emotional eating, and while I’ve not fully conquered that cause it no longer is the source of issues it used to be. I gained from that lesson too. That was new information I wasn’t exposed to the first time around.

    As for what I’m looking to achieve, ultimately, I just tell people I’m going to keep losing until it stops. It gets a laugh and works for me, but really I am aiming for 120 pounds because I was starting at 285 and think 165 is the ideal goal weight for my height. So I’m past the half way mark. By the end I will have lost a teenager, but right now it’s more like I’ve lost a 2nd grader. LOL!

    I’m glad to hear you’ve lost weight with Jorge on his other programs. They look like great ones, but seemed like too much work to deal with for me. I’m sure they work great, but the Belly Fat Cure has definitely been one of the best programs for me.

    Nice to meet you Ginny, and thanks so much for commenting here. I greatly appreciate it. See you on Jorge’s boards.


  3. An interesting read and although I like many have tried several of the latest diets I have not been able to stick with them for various reasons. My last attempt is scheduled for next month and researchng the latest diets I have heard some good things about the Fat Burning Furnace. Has anyone here tried it and is it any good?

  4. Hi Joy,

    I’ve never heard of the Fat Burning Furnace but may be interesting to try. I’m happy with Jorge Cruise and the Belly Fat Cure program and getting the book for about $14 seems like a better deal to me, although you do have to wait until the end of December before it’s available.

    Thanks for your comment,


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