Family Feud Comes To The iPhone App Store

If there’s one thing I could say about my childhood, it’s that I was a Game Show junkie. I loved to watch hours of game shows. I loved the thought of people competing for cash and prizes on the various television shows. I loved nearly all of them from the more luck based ones like “Let’s Make A Deal”, “High Rollers”, and “Card Sharks” to the ones where you actually had to know something, like “Jeopardy!”, “$25,000 Pyramid”, “Super Password.” In high school, I even tried out for a teen tournament version of Jeopardy! Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on.

I also used to get all the home game versions of all my favorite shows, and then eventually bought them as computer games when those started to surface, and then when digital handheld versions became popular, I bought those too. Now the latest incarnations are applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. These are probably my favorite versions as I have my iPhone with me all the time and there’s no mess or clean up like the old home game versions. Not to mention, no bulky boxes to store the games when they’re not in use.

New to the iPhone App Store is Family Feud, based on the game show of the same name. When I first started watching Family Feud, it was hosted by Richard Dawson, later when it was revived it was hosted by Ray Combs, and by the time the show was revived again, I wasn’t watching television regularly any more so I never did catch it when it was hosted by Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, or the current host John O’Hurley. The iPhone game doesn’t really rely on any specific host, but is a lot of fun. The host voice reads all the questions. It even lets you make your avatar to play with. The game includes the classic theme music as well as classic sound effects including the ding for correct answers, buzzer for wrong answers, and the Fast Money round effects. About the only real difference from the version of Family Feud I know is that it has 4 players on a side instead of 5.

Overall I’m very pleased with the application. It’s made by Ludia, the same software company that released a really awesome version of The Price is Right. And the most exciting news is that in the Family Feud app is that Ludia announced as coming soon is an iPhone app version of Press Your Luck. I love Press Your Luck and can’t wait to get that one.

For a limited time the Family Feud iPhone app is on sale for $2.99, you can get it by clicking here. Other Game Show games in the app store are the following (click on the name to link to them): The Price is Right. Deal Or No Deal, Who Wants To Be A Milliionaire, 1 vs. 100, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, and Million Dollar Password. And hopefully other game shows make their way to the app store soon. Like I said I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Press Your Luck game.



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