Death By Sugar Documentary Trailer Featuring Ryan Cameron

Death By Sugar - A Documentary By Jorge CruiseJorge Cruise recently posted to YouTube a trailer for his upcoming “Death By Sugar” documentary. The footage that’s included in the trailer is from the sugar experiments that I helped Jorge out with on July 16th. As opposed to the other YouTube clips that were shot on Jorge Cruise’s iPhone, this footage is from the professionally filmed footage taken by Jared Davis.

The short four minute clip provides a good overview of the blood analysis that Dr. Stefan Bajon conducted on my blood both before and after consuming 200 grams of sugar. The initial analysis showed I had very healthy blood featuring individualized cells which help produce energy and carry oxygen throughout my body. In the words of Dr. Bajon, “That is about as healthy a picture of blood as I could ever see.” Definitely a great encouraging thing to see and hear when being checked out by the doctor.

We then followed that up with the consumption of about 200 grams of sugar, which included a large banana, a cup of yogurt, two low-fat Strawberry Pop Tarts, as well as a glass of Orange Juice and a 20 oz. Pepsi. Overall not a lot of food, but easily what a lot of people would consume as a breakfast and maybe an additional snack too. These are all things commonly found in just about any kitchen.

Then we proceeded with another blood sample to repeat the test. The difference was night and day, my red blood cells were all clumped together in a state called “Rouleax” where there’s no way the blood cells could create energy or carry oxygen. It was like the sugar had crippled my blood’s ability to be a carrier of life energy, it had been attacked and the only way my red blood cells could respond was by clumping together to protect themselves until the sugar gets worked through and removed from the body over time.

Check out the trailer and if you’re interested in reading a more detailed account of this experiment, please click here to read my detailed recap blog entry.



4 thoughts on “Death By Sugar Documentary Trailer Featuring Ryan Cameron”

  1. Hi Ricardo,

    The original plan was for it to be released in January of 2010, and now that it’s well over a year past that date, all I can say is I don’t know. At this point I think the segments we’ve seen on YouTube are really all that are going to surface from this documentary, which is a shame as I think documentary films are a really good way to get information out to the public.

    Thanks for writing,


  2. This is an eye opener for everyone…I hope and pray your doc will be published…I have typwe 2, and my a1c was at 10.9- I’ve since been living 99% low carb and no grain. I know how those cells look packed together, because I FEEL the lack of energy from sugar. And yes, SUGAR KILLS. In addition, everyone should read Dr. richard bernsteins diabetic solutiopn, and sign on to dr. joe mercola’s free newsletter. and read gary taubes info online. Outr VERY LIVES DEPEND UPON IT!

  3. Hi Cyn,

    At this point I don’t know if Jorge Cruise’s documentary will ever see the light of day, but I’m in the process of writing a new blog post about a documentary I have seen that has already been completed by someone else that gets the information out. Stay tuned to my blog and expect to see that review very soon.


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