Christmas 2009 With The Family

Christmas 2009 was special in many ways this year. First off my mom and dad were in their new house in Temecula. Also this year my brother and his wife came out from Nashville to spend Christmas here in Southern California. And my grandfather on my mom’s side also came down from Calgary to spend the holidays here. It’s first Christmas in a while that many of us have been together.

My parents’ new home in Temecula looked great with my mom’s Christmas decorations. Some of the things that weren’t yet finished when I last visited at Thanksgiving were finally done such as the backspashes in the Kitchen. The cabinet doors for the cupboards in the kitchen were finally back with the center sections of them cut out and glass inserted to replace the wood removed. The old iron bed frame that was in the lower level guest room had been completely repainted to a metallic grey color and the new mattresses for both the lower level guest room as well as the upstairs bedroom had arrived. About the only thing that still hadn’t arrived yet were the blinds for all the windows.

I came over on Christmas Eve to take my dad and grandpa to the Xanadu production in Costa Mesa. This gave my mom some time to do some errands without my dad and grandpa in her hair. My brother and his wife were arriving late Christmas Eve and I since I had to work I decided to stay over at my folks place, go to work, and then return to my folks place first thing in the morning after work. I had volunteered to have my schedule changed at work in order to work Christmas Eve so that my usual night off could be given to someone on the shift with kids. As I’ve gotten older it’s become less important to enjoy Christmas morning at the earliest possible moment, it doesn’t make much difference to me if the festivities begin at 6 am, 8 am, or 10 am when I’d be back from work. Small kids on the other hand, every extra hour they’d have to wait for mom or dad to come home from work would feel like an eternity so I didn’t want to deprive one of my co-workers from the chance to spend an early morning Christmas with their kids.

We had a relatively busy night at work, and it was nice to return back to my folks house where we enjoyed a nice breakfast before moving on the the Christmas gift exchanging festivities. With my year on the Belly Fat Cure and my creating sugar free dessert recipes one the gifts I got was a set of high quality baking pans. My mom was given a big tool set and leave it to my brother to point out the irony of my mom getting a tool kit of screwdrivers and home repair tools and me getting kitchen tools. We had a good laugh over that. We’ve all become so hard to buy for as we tend to just run out and get what we want so it makes Christmas shopping especially difficult since none of us really have any pressing wants. Christmas becomes more about practical gifts.

Christmas dinner was amazing. My mom was loving her new kitchen with a double oven. She had both in use plus a turkey being cooked in one of her Nesco Roasters. In addition to the turkey, there was some ham, some stuffing, some vegetables, some brussel sprouts with cheese sauce, Fruit salad in Jell-O (made especially for my brother), and some dinner rolls. I steered clear of the brussel sprouts because I can’t stand them and avoided the fruit salad in jello because of my low sugar program. It was absolutely delicious.

Again I had to go to bed reasonably early as I had to work yet again that night. I was intending to pack everything up so that I could just head home directly from work, but I was too tired to do so, so I left everything and then returned again to my folks house the next morning before packing all my stuff up and heading home.

The funny part when I got home and did the gift exchange with my roommates, they were thinking the same thing as my mom as they also got me a set of pans and spatulas. While the pans my folks got me were all square and rectangular, this set of pans were all the circular shaped ones including a bundt pan, a springform pan, as well as two round pans along with a round cake carrier to house the pans. They were from the Cindy Crawford collection at JCPenny’s. Who knew Cindy Crawford had a line of bakeware? It’s a nice looking set. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun figuring out how to make some sugar free desserts in each of the pans.

And for my roommates, I selected a Roku Media Player formerly known as the Roku Netflix Player. Because the box has added Amazon On Demand and several other media content options, the device really has outgrown the Netflix Player name. While I knew the Netflix aspect of it would appeal to one of my roommates, it was the addition of Pandora Internet Radio as one of the added content channels that I knew would appeal to my other roommate as it become my roommate’s favorite iPhone app once I introduced it to him and this would allow him to enjoy Pandora on his main stereo system. And once I helped set up the media player for them, both were quite happy with the player. Just as I suspected, both the Netflix and Pandora aspects were well liked and it made a great gift.

All in all Christmas went well this year. It was great to spend time with both family and my roommates. While the gift exchanging is nice, I really was most looking forward to spending time with everyone. And I was pleased it turned out well. I hope that Christmas went well for all of you and your families too.



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