Best Buy – Incredible Star Trek And Samsung Blu-Ray Player Sale

Best BuyBest Buy stores are offering an incredible deal this week for Star Trek fans who want a great deal picking up the new Star Trek Movies collection on Blu-Ray if they also pick up a brand new Samsung Blu-Ray Player.

As the Star Trek Movies collection got released this week in two special box sets, the first of which is the set of all six Original Cast movies from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” through “Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country” and includes an exclusive seventh disc “The Captain’s Summit” which features a seventy minute round table discussion between William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. The second set is entitled “The Star Trek Trilogy” which contains the movies, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, ” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” which never officially were a trilogy, but their plot lines continue each other. The Blu-Ray sets, both are on sale individually for $89.99 the six movie set and $39.99 for the trilogy set.

However, the best deal comes when you add on a Samsung Blu-Ray player. When paired with a Samsung Blu-Ray player this week, the sale price for the Star Trek Blu Ray box sets drop to $19.99 for the six movie collection, and $4.99 for the trilogy. And the low end and high end models of Samsung Blu-Ray players are also discounted by $50 each. So quite literally, it’s possible to get Samsung’s BD-P1600 model for $249.99 with the first six Star Trek movies for $19.99 more, and even with sales tax added, you’re still walking out of the store getting a discount on the player and getting the Star Trek movies for free. It’s less than $300 total for the player and the six movies. What a deal.

Samsung’s higher end model of Blu-Ray Player, the BD-P4600 is also discounted and is on sale this week for $449.99 instead of its $499.99 regular price. So essentially its a savings of $120 buy buying the player and Star Trek movies together for the full set version, and $85 for the trilogy version. A great deal for the Star Trek fan needing a Blu-Ray player. And lets not forget, they just released the first season of the Original Star Trek series on Blu-Ray as well. And all of Samsung’s current models of Blu-Ray players also include the ability to access Netflix’s Instant viewing service and Pandora Internet Radio. Meaning the player packs some great entertainment value in addition to the ability to play Blu-Ray discs and they are Profile 2.0 compliant, so the latest Blu-Ray features all work. (With the Samsung BD-P1600 you have to add a USB Thumb Drive of 1 GB or better to add the memory for the downloadable content.)

The deal is available online at or in stores until the end of the business day on Saturday.



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