Becoming King Kong Thanks To Bryer’s Smooth And Dreamy

Ryan As King KongIf you haven’t checked out the special “Webisodes” at the website for Bryer’s new Smooth And Dreamy Ice Cream, you should head on over to to check out the fun little mini-movies they’ve made. The webisodes as they’re called, star Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock (and formerly of Ally McBeal) and they playfully allow her to step into classic movies from today’s perspective. The first one they did was a very witty take on “Gone With The Wind” and they’ve recently added one of “King Kong.”

The website even includes behind the scenes footage to show how they’ve taken modern day Jane and inserted her into scenes from the classic films. And you can see some of the outtakes in the behind the scenes footage. I think they’ve brilliantly cast Jane as she’s a riot on 30 Rock, she fearlessly goes for the laugh no matter what. She’s very much like a modern day Lucille Ball.

Additionally, the website has a fun little area powered by which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and get inserted in to a scene from each of the webisode clips. I tried out the King Kong clip and found it absolutely hilarious. Especially since the photo I uploaded features me wearing a Xanadu baseball cap (as you can see in the photo above.) I’ve included the clip here so you can enjoy the full bit of it. Keep in mind this is just a small clip from the webisode, be sure to see the full thing.

They also have one where you can add yourself into a scene from Gone With The Wind, where you either replace Jane or Rhett Butler. Although what that clip does is take the flat picture you upload and give it 3D dimensions and superimpose your face onto either Clark Gable as Rhett Butler or Jane Krakowski as Scarlett O’Hara. That one is more creepy than anything else. But definitely check it out. Have fun putting your face on top of both characters.

It’ll be interesting to see which classic movie they do next. I’ve enjoyed the two so far. I hope they have a few more up their sleeve before the series is done. And if I wasn’t on such a low sugar program, I probably would go try some of the Bryer’s Ice Cream they’re promoting with these webisodes.



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