Back From Hiatus

Thank you to my many loyal blog readers for your patience during the an unexpected hiatus from being able to update this blog as I would have liked. Life suddenly got busy and a little complicated and time just didn’t seem to be available.

Some of the reason for the hiatus was due to a change in residence. I recently moved, and I’ll be exploring a little bit more about that in a separate post. Additionally, I was also asked by Jorge Cruise to join his team of experts on the Belly Fat Cure to assist with his online coaching program that began in March. So with moving and helping answer questions in regards to the Belly Fat Cure program, I was just too busy to maintain my blog.

In any case, things have settled down, and I am back, and what better way to get back into it by taking part in another one of Connie Ragen Green’s 30 Day Blogging challenges. For more information on Connie Ragen Green’s Blogging Challenge, click here.



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