Awesome Remix Of “Story Of A Heart” By Benny Andersson Band

Benny AnderssonThe release of Benny Andersson’s latest album entitled “Story Of A Heart” earlier this year featured a very pop like song also entitled “Story Of A Heart” this song was released to radio stations to promote the album. With the song being the most ABBA-like song, Benny Andersson and his lyrical partner in crime Björn Ulvaeus have written in more than a decade, it was really just a matter of time until some home made remixes of the Benny Andersson Band’s “Story Of A Heart” got made.

One such remix that has popped up that I’ve actually been quite addicted to listening to over the last week is one by someone who just simply goes by the name “DJ Matt” The Matt Mix of “Story Of A Heart” speeds up the song a little bit to give it a bit of urgency, additionally a really well done drum beat has been added to help set and maintain the pace, and just for some fun at the end, the final time through the chorus, the Swedish language version of the song is used to close out the mix. The mix is really quite fun to listen to. Whoever this DJ Matt is, he’s done some really good work. If the number of times I’ve played it hasn’t already cracked the top 25 most played songs on my iPod, it soon will. I’ve really been enjoying it on repeat for hours at a time. Who knew Helen Sjöholm’s amazing voice would sound great on a dance mix? (She is mostly known for show tunes style songs.)

Check out the remix below or visit it directly on YouTube. Be sure to play the HQ version for best quality sound.



4 thoughts on “Awesome Remix Of “Story Of A Heart” By Benny Andersson Band”

  1. I can see how it’s becoming #1 on your Ipod, I have been playing it over and over. I love it. Thanks

  2. Hi Carol,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the “Story Of A Heart” remix. I don’t think it will hit the #1 most played song on my iPod because it’ll have to hit over 480 plays to unseat the current most played song which happens to be “One Wish” by Roxette. Roxette is my favorite group and it was the first single from the greatest hits album and box set that was released in 2006 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Roxette. I played that song non-stop for days at a time. The next most played song has been played about 240 times to show how much I really enjoy Roxette’s “One Wish.” I’ll be happy to see the “Story Of A Heart” remix break into the 25 most played songs on my iPod playlist as it only has to hit 120 plays to break onto the list. I think it can easily achieve that, but I am happy to keep Roxette’s “One Wish” as the all time champion most played song.


  3. MBL’s remix is very good ! He remixes lots of ABBA songs in many different styles and is a nice bloke. There is another mix in the making – an NRG remix – which is very strong in dance. It’s a shame there isn’t an instrumental available of the original – so much more can be done.


  4. Hi Rob,

    Well I definitely agree MBL is very talented. I’ve liked all the mixes I’ve heard so far. I hear ya on so much more could be done if an instrumental version was available. Although I think MBL does a remarkable job working around that limitation as much as possible. He’s definitely very respectful of the songs unlike some remix artists who seem to trash the songs beyond recognition.


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