An Excellent Experience With Sirius XM Customer Service

Sirius XMI recently decided to try the Sirius XM iPhone application with their free seven day trial, and I quite liked being able to use my iPhone as an additional Sirius radio in addition to the Stiletto 100 I already use for Sirius. So naturally when the free trial expired, I decided to give Sirius a call to add on the Premium Internet access which is required to take advantage of the iPhone application.

I didn’t really want to pay more money, so I asked the customer service agent if she could just cancel the added on Best of XM package I had added on. I mainly got to hear Oprah Radio from the XM lineup of channels, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the channel very much. I wasn’t listening to any of the programs and none of the other XM stations that were added were of any interest to me, so it was kind of silly to be paying $4.04 a month extra for worthless stations. As the premium Internet add on is only $2.99 a month, it essentially means it should be no problem “downgrading” my account. Since it was all prepaid I wasn’t expecting a refund on the extra already paid.

The woman who was helping me wasn’t able to make it happen exactly as I had hoped, she was able to do it even better than I was looking for. She not only downgraded my account to just the Sirius Everything plan, and added on the premium Internet add-on she even was able to extend my subscription at no additional cost. That was way better than expected. I certainly wasn’t expecting additional months, so I can’t thank the folks at Sirius for going above and beyond my expectations.

She even wanted to know if there was anything else she could do to help me out with my account and I told her how I really appreciated the help she provided. And the best part was when she was closing out the call she said, “Enjoy the Sirius XM application on your iiPod, oh wait, you said you have an iPhone.” I told her I actually had both an iPod Touch and an iPhone, and she made the comment, “There you go, now you have three radios to enjoy.” I thought that was a fun comment to make although I suppose since I can also access Sirius through each of my computers as well, that essentially means I essentially have six Sirius radios.

Thanks again Sirius, for not only providing a great radio service I enjoy using, but also exceeding my expectation when I was looking to make a change to my plan. I couldn’t have asked for a better customer service experience. If there was one thing I could ask for to improve my experience on Sirius is if they would send a firmware package update to my Stiletto radio with the updated graphics and channel names for each of the channels on my radio. I know it’s an older radio and the newer model has gotten it’s updates, but how about us older model customers?

Information on Sirius XM’s premium Internet radio and the iPhone/iPod app can be found at



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