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Doctor WhoIf you’re a fan of the rebooted Doctor Who that’s had Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant in the title role, then Amazon has a great deal for you, but you have to act now, because the deal is for today only!! If you’re like me and previously though the DVD sets from the BBC are considerably overpriced, then today is your day!

Amazon has the box sets for each of the four seasons of the show on sale today for $32.49 a piece. That’s 59% off the list price of $79.99 and 50% off of Amazon’s regular price of $64.99. I’ve been hesitant to buy the sets myself because quite frankly I felt they were a complete rip off at their regular price. The show has been remarkably good and I definitely wanted the sets but I’m sorry $65 to $80 a set was way too much money in my opinion for a show that only does 13 episodes a season. Maybe if they were 26 episode seasons like most American shows, it would be a reasonable price, but for 13 episodes, forget it. So for literally half price today only at Amazon, the sets are actually affordable.

The show is brilliant and well written and getting all four sets is truly the best option if you’ve never seen it. The way the show ends in the fourth season ties back to the entire series in such a well thought out way that you get the feeling the ending was always in mind when they established the series. Few shows pay off and spread out the storyline over so many seasons that you’re going to be amazed and wish American shows would do this. Lost may eventually pay off in this way, but we won’t know for sure until the final season completes it.

The Doctor Who payoff in Season Four also ties into the two spin-off series that have come out of the new Doctor Who shows. Those shows being Torchwood (which surprisingly is more popular here in the United States than Doctor Who) and the Sarah Jane Chronicles. If you are a fan of those shows as well, you’ll be rewarded in the Doctor Who. Join the two doctors and their companions, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, and even Kylie Minogue for a single Christmas special episode.

I will admit when I first started watching the show I thought it was really cheesy since I’m used to the modern Star Trek budgets and Doctor Who comes off as a little cheesy looking by comparison, but the really smart writing of the show shows the Doctor Who series to be better planned out story lines and again, the payoff at the end of Season 4 is something never attempted by any Star Trek show. I honestly thought Billie Piper was a terrible actress when I first started watching the new Doctor Who shows but even I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear when her character left the show at the end of the second season. I challenge any newbie to not be affected by the show.

Take advantage of Amazon’s deal and you can pick up all four seasons for $129.96, which is a good deal for all four. Tomorrow the sets will be $259.96 so you have to act today if you want a good deal. Click here to get to Amazon’s Gold Box Deal page for the four sets. And take advantage of the free trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2-Day shipping (for US Addresses only) by UPS and enjoy your Doctor Who as early as Tuesday by clicking here.

Or take advantage of the following links for each individual season:
Season One: Click Here
Season Two: Click Here
Season Three: Click Here
Season Four: Click Here

Get the amazing Doctor Who sets while they’re on sale for today only!



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