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Welcome to Ryan’s Incredible World.

This blog site is intended to share my opinions of things in this world that make it incredible to me. Sometimes it may be reviews of products I have enjoyed, sometimes it’ll be reviews of movies, stage shows, or television shows I’ve seen or just things that I find to be interesting at the time of their writing. Some posts will even be to express a sense of gratitude to whatever comes my way as a sign of my appreciation for it. In any case, whatever gets written here, I hope you find enjoyment in it.

Thanks again for visiting my site and joining me in Ryan’s Incredible World.

Ryan Cameron

4 thoughts on “About Ryan’s Incredible World”

  1. Ryan,

    Love your blog. Maybe you could suggest to George ways that would improve my company’s website.


    KNG Construction Services

  2. Great blog ! Thanks for the insight on the belly fat cure ! How were you selected to be in the costco 100 study ?

  3. Hi Dina,

    Many thanks for your comments. I appreciate you for taking the time to write in.

    Only Jorge Cruise and his staff can tell you why I was selected to be part of the Costco 100 group. All I did was follow the instructions to the letter for being eligible for consideration. It required printing out a 10 page application, filling it out, and posing for a front and side view pictures in a bathing suit to submit with the application by a certain date. I knew the long application form and having to submit photos was essentially a commitment test to” “weed out” the fair-weather folks who apply but don’t actually want to commit to completing the program. And the physically having to mail the application and photos was going to further weed out more folks because it required some taking action. Beyond that, I really don’t know.

    I just had a feeling that if I applied and jumped through all the pre-screening hoops, I would be selected. I don’t really know how to describe it without some of that “The Secret” mumbo-jumbo, but I just had a very strong feeling that my spot in the program was mine for the taking, I just had to show how committed I was to wanting it in order to have it. And I got the call with the invitation to be in the program.

    Even my involvement in the sugar experiment video that Jorge had done with me came about because of my being proactive about the program. The Costco 100 members were sent an e-mail saying Jorge Cruise had printed up some draft copies of the Belly Fat Cure book and we could mail them a check and they would ship out one of the draft copies. I could have easily just sent in a check and waited but, I contacted his office, asked if I could come down and buy one in person so I could have it right away and when I stopped in Jorge saw me and made a quick little YouTube video about my success and I bought two copies of the book (one for me and one for my mom, so she could start using the book too) and the next thing I knew Jorge called me the next morning to invite me to be a part of the experiment. Jorge later told me that it was my visit to the office that inspired him to ask me to take part in the experiment. All I was looking to do was to get a copy of the book right away to keep going on the program.

    Thanks so much for writing in Dina.


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