A New T-Shirt Thanks To The Zevia

Zevia ShirtI just got in the mail a brand new t-shirt from the makers of Zevia. Zevia is the amazing sugar-free, calorie free, soda that’s made with all natural ingredients that I have been enjoying on the Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program. For a lack of a better term, I’ve been nothing but a cheerleader for Zevia since trying the brand. With the amazing flavors and all natural ingredients, it’s been very easy to kick the habit of diet sodas loaded with Aspartame. Zevia gets its sweetness from Stevia, a natural herb from South America.

If you haven’t tried Zevia yet, you really ought to give them a try. The six currently available flavors are Natural Cola, Natural Twist (a lemon-lime soda), Natural Orange, Natural Root Beer, Natural Ginger Ale, and Natural Black Cherry. Once you try them and taste how flavorful the sodas are you’ll never look at the major brands the same way again. You’ll see them for the toxic chemicals they really are. You won’t want to drink anything other kind of soda. The all natural ingredients and lack of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners are a refreshing change from what you’re used to.

Which flavor is the best? Well that’s a matter of personal preference. My top 2 favorites are the Root Beer and Ginger Ale. The Root Beer is amazing because it tastes like how I remember A&W Root Beer tasting as a kid. Now that A&W makes their Root Beer with High Fructose Corn Syrup it doesn’t taste as good, and A&W’s diet version is terrible. I had forgotten how good Root Beer can taste until I got Zevia’s Root Beer. And I’ve always loved Canada Dry Ginger Ale, so I really love Zevia’s Ginger Ale. I think it has even more ginger taste than Canada Dry has. And I love the other flavors of Zevia as well. For example Zevia’s Orange soda doesn’t even contain any artificial colors, try and find that in a major brand Orange Soda. To learn more about Zevia, visit Zevia.com

To get Zevia, click here the store locator on Zevia.com to find a store near you. It’s being carried in more and more stores everyday, so check back frequently to see if new ones near you have added it. And you can help by downloading the Zevia request form by clicking here and taking it to your local stores and asking for them to carry Zevia. Whole Foods Markets are one of the first national chains to carry Zevia. Be sure to check the natural foods stores in your area and tell them about Zevia if they don’t already carry it.

If you happen to be on Facebook, become a fan of Zevia by clicking here. And be sure to take a picture of your local store’s display of Zevia, whether it’s just a photo of the shelf or an actual promotional display, and send it in to Zevia@Zevia.com, and they will send you a fantastic t-shirt just like the one they’ve sent me. Help spread the word about how great Zevia is. A gallery of the photos already sent in can be seen by clicking here.

Zevia has helped me lose over 50 pounds so far, see what it can do for you.



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