A Great Introduction To Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure

Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat CureI often get a lot of questions about my recent weight loss, mostly from people who see me in person. Obviously they can see the changes, and I don’t exactly pose for a lot of photographs let alone post them here online to show the changes either. But in any case, since I get asked, I wanted to have a great resource to point people to in order to get additional information.

Since Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program doesn’t officially get released until the end of the year, what is available is a free downloadable special report (JorgeCruise.com) that highlights the key aspects of the program. There report is available freely on the main page, there is no need to give an e-mail address, and you can read it and if you want additional information, you can sign up to received updates from Jorge Cruise. The report comes in a PDF file so it’s easy to download and read as well as print out if you wish. The Belly Fat Cure is a very simple program, and I’ve had remarkable success with it. In two months, I’ve lost 37 pounds and 7 inches from around my waist. It’s been amazing.

But if you don’t want to go to the trouble of downloading the report and just want a general overview. I’ve found a clip of Jorge Cruise introducing some highlights of the program on the Tyra Banks show from February of this year. In it he covers the key component of the program, getting sugar intake cut down dramatically and he also showcases a few of the products such as Barlean’s Omega Swirl, Zevia‘s fantastic sodas (keep in mind Zevia has changed their packaging since this footage was shot), and Clemmy’s Sugar Free Ice Cream. And he has some big girls try out the products, and you can tell by their faces, that none of it tastes terrible. It’s all something they can do in their lives to reverse their sizes. And Jorge Cruise does mention the program officially comes out in 2010.

Just click play on the YouTube video below to see the segment of the Tyra Banks show featuring Jorge Cruise introducing the Belly Fat Cure.



4 thoughts on “A Great Introduction To Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure”

  1. I am soo excited about this new way to lose weight. I’m starting tomorrow! Thanks for helping me get kickstarted and congrats on your progress.

  2. Hi Sali,

    Thanks so much for finding my blog and writing in. I wish you lots of success on the program. Be sure to come back in a week or two on the program and let me know how well the Belly Fat Cure is working for you. And if I can answer any questions, along the way, send them in as new comments, I’m more than happy to help out.


  3. Great website. Thank you for sharing the information. Just curious, was there ever a follow-up on how the girls did on the 8 week program? Also, I live in the UK, do you know if these products are available here? Have a fab day!

  4. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for writing in. I do not know if a follow up episode was done with the girls in the Tyra Banks show featured. I’m not a viewer of the show. Perhaps somewhere on YouTube a follow up exists if one was filmed.

    As for product availability, they may not be all available in the UK. It may be possible to import some but others you may need to find a UK equivalent or a recipe on how to make a similar item. Many people here in the US have a tough time finding Clemmy’s ice cream as it’s not available nationwide.


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